Thursday 30th June

The finial bake sale of the Flour Market's Afternoon Delight series. We were there and have pretty pics to share! For those of you who were working or want to relive it. :P

All Day Donuts

Luxbite Sampler Platter $40 - My dog's birthday is coming up, can I use that as an excuse to get this? :P This is on the to eat list. Shall happen soon. Even if I have had over half of this platter before in full size.

The new pear x hazelnut tart.

Blackberry Belle Pies $7.50 a Slice.

Cronuts! Who knew that cronuts were $7.50?!

I swear prices were higher for some stalls at the pop-up, compared to at the cafe. 

Rustica HQ is on the list of places we'd like to eat at. 


Chez Dre

Tivoli Road Bakery

Millstone - Can't decide what to choose, everything looks great except the lack of prices.

Left or right?

Butter Mafia's Slices & Cookies

White choc we love! This was similar to a caramel slice.

Our picks? Croissant from Millstone (thought it was a filled cruffin, due to the shape), a pavlova tart, a pandan croissant from Rustica, and a matcha slice from Sugar Mafia. The total was around $30. 

Would have loved the platter from Luxbite but it was over the budget. Can I get it for my dog's birthday next month, and eat it myself? XD

Pandan Croissant from Rustica

Pavlova Tart from Millstone - A custard tart topped off with a pavlova dome with an empty space inside, more novelty than anything. Would have liked to seen berries inside. But other than that it was good. 

Have you been to the Flour Market? What's your favourite pastry?

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