Amigos Mexican Inspired @ Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sunday 3rd July

Dinner next block down from Jam Factory, at Amigos, a franchise of restaurants with Mexican inspired food. What does Mexican inspired mean? Spices toned done, designed for white people. :P Sadly it also meant no horchata or grilled corn on the cob, this isn't Fonda. But there are tacos, burritos, enchiladas and co. 

Prompted by a 3 course meal for two priced at $40 we stopped by after a movie, dips to share, a main each, dessert to share, and jug of Sangaria. Purchasing a groupon meant there was a limited set menu to select from. The menu wasn't posted on the groupon page.


Trio of Dips with Housemade Corn Chips $21

Entrees were chips and dip, five to choose from we picked three: guc, beans and chilli con carne. The guc was cold, fridge cold while the others were served warm. Don't think that last one actually had beef in it.

Three mains to select from: nachos, enchiladas (beef/spinach) and burritos (beef, veg, chili).

Enchiladas $22 - Spinach & Potato* with side frijoles and pico de gallo

I had the spinach and potato which had a lot of onion. The spiciness came from salsa. There was also a side of rice?? It was a bit oily, and the oil was old. Huge and filling but kinda average. I felt that this dish leaned towards also Italian, reminding me of spinach and feta cannelloni.

*Incorrectly listed as sweet potato on zomato

Enchiladas $22 - Shredded Beef with side rice and black beans, corn & chipotle

We both picked the enchiladas, beef for him, spinach potato for me. Served smoking hot with a side of beans/salsa. His dish featured pulled beef with mash. Soft, moist beef with basic potato mash. Huge servings! A big cheesy beefy mess was what he'd described it.

Sizzling Brownies $15
Two chocolate brownies with chocolate Kahlua sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Brownies for dessert, or at least that's what we ordered. What arrived was chocolate cake, soon sizzling away on a hot plate when the Kahlua was poured over it. 

The chocolate cake was perfectly moist and a classic American/Australia dessert, served with vanilla ice cream. Not a brownie as there were no nuts and the texture was pure cake, I like cake.

Picture from Dimmi - Because it was much darker than this when we were there. 

Of the three things we ate the chips/dip and pulled beef was the only Mexican-ish inspired thing. The deco was a bar with no bright colours like you'd see at Los Amates. It was very challenging to take photos with ambient/mood lighting but good for a date. 

Service was very good from the manager, prompt at times and friendly.

Would I reccomend it? Well, I'd take Freud here, he doesn't like trying anything but American/Australian cusine. But we prefer authentic-ish Mexican but less hot. 

We'd recommend Fonda (Richmond & CBD, the later is much bigger) and Los Amates especially for deco and the three milks cake (not the same as poke cake with three different types of milks poured over it).

Have you been to any something-inspired restaurants? What about fusion?

Amigos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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