Banque Cafe @ Monday, July 11, 2016

Saturday 2nd July

Located in the Prahran Central food court towards Safeway is Banque Cafe, a busy new-ish cafe (the manager said they're new, opened last December) on this Sunday afternoon, with live music. 

There's more seats on the left, and a function room.

We're seated safely away from the crowd in the corner (I like the corner). At 4pm the cafe was almost completely full, with a group booking and others.

The table has many drink glass imprints, at least twelve, acquired over time. There's no sugar and salt at the table, they're at the counter.


There was the usual cafe b'fast-lunch menu and a crepes menu.

Apple Pie Crepe $14
Soft & syrupy caramelized apples with raisins, dusted with cinnamon

We ordered a mocha and apple pie crepe. Which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was good but nothing amazing. The vanilla was average and crepe needed more spice to call itself an apple pie, a drizzle of salted caramel would have been nice too. The apple was thinly slice.

The crepe itself wasn't of the dry variety like Breizoz, though that's the only place we've been to with dry crispy edges and a soft middle. 

The piano wizards's fingers glide across the keyboard playing a piece by Rachmaninoff. He has a long white beard to match the name! Wizard Whitebeard is that you? 

Outside there's a food court with wifi and phone chargers. Also a $6 book shop.

Service was very good though slow as the cafe was full. The menu was beautifully printed on fancy wedding/party stationary paper. 

Will we be back? Maybe. We bought a Groupon $10 for coffee and crepe which is a good deal, though it's normally $14 for the crepe which is average price. Would I get it at $14? No. But service and location-wise it's a great spot to chill after a morning shopping, on Chapel St or at the market down the street. 

Banque Cafe doesn't have a website, but they are on dimmi, a booking site. Specializing in French Cuisine and in particular crepes.

Banque Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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