Einstein Eats @ Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thursday 7th July

Lunch with the girls, well the others didn't turn up so lunch with the neighbour. She asked if we want to be roomies. Hahaha. Hell no. She's a smelly annoying eyesore, and I did offer to make her pretty, but she said no.

In our small little town, Subway opened up a couple weeks ago, Dominoes a couple months ago, and Salsa's re-opening with a new menu! *Can't tell the difference between the old and new menu* To celebrate there were free chip burritos! 1,600+ were made on this day. And unlike the city it was less than an hour's wait, at around 10-15 minutes. Never has a free and freshly made food being obtained so fast. :P

Chip-Burrito $10-ish
Grilled steak, mexicrinkles, cheese, salsa fresca, chipotle salsa & ranch sauce

I had the beef, which was a bit salty, but other than that all good. Perhaps the chicken won't be as salty?

Off to the city! Trivia Night with the historical society. Oh gosh I know nothing... what's the second tallest mountain? How much hurdles in the 120m? I once had *the coolest English teacher ever* who knew everything. He was also in the army and came to cosplay day as a french maid *shudders*. With google at our fingertips I feel like we're not learning as much as we ought to. I miss school, high school, the learning stuff part. Trig and equations were among my favourite things.   

What do I know that'll help the team? The name of the VonTrapps. Oh and all the Disney stuff. 

Hosted at Mr Tod Cafe, renamed The Commune Cafe, though outside it still says Mr Tod. It felt a bit underground with the brick walls and arches. There are windows but we were there in the evening. I can see potential for a small themed dinner party here with candle light. 

They're not very up-to-date online so I can't find a menu, but we had pizza. About six different pizzas throughout the course of the night. All delicious with a perfect crust, not thin or too thick but just right. And never soggy. We had the crispy prosciutto, salmon, vegetarian, cheese and a couple others. No pictures were taken, because it was a social event rather than food/or us having dinner. 

Jas had dinner at Pellegrini's a Melbourne institution that I've never been to. As a maths person and one who struggles with the unpredictable I don't want to to eat at a place where I don't know the prices of. Some say it's a form of mental illness on the autism spectrum, but I'm just a planner. 

The menu is a bit hard to read, gold font on a wooden board. Not your usual white on black.

Homemade ma and pa style food, no garnish. With bar seating jas likes to go here alone. Prices aren't mentioned till you ask for the bill, but this dish was $20, and the prices would be around there for the pasta dishes.

Desserts are in the fridge, no menu. There were pies, crumbles, tiramisu and creme caramel. We picked the creme caramel, texture was perfect smooth, though it was a bit bitter and salty for my liking. I like mine sweet. $6 

Service was average with limited smiles. 

Old school, cash only.

Will I eat here? No. Because I don't know the prices and the menu is presented to be nice rather than practical. Uncertainty makes me feel uncomfortable

Dessert at Aqua S at QV, at 9.30pm there was quite a line though it moved fairly fast. Known for their blue/white sponge painted background and soft serve in a cloud of cotton candy/fairy floss, last month they've made it down to Melbourne, from Sydney. 

Unfortunately we missed pandan last week (cash only, atm too far) this week it's blueberry, coconut and their signature sea salt. He had the blueberry and I the coconut. It was nice though nothing amazing, those two. But the sea salt was pretty good. The fairy floss is an order once thing for me, purely for the novelty factor, because it doesn't go with the soft serve. Too sweet, and takes away the attention and covers your tongue in sugar, dimming the spotlight on the sea salt. 

We look forwards to returning every fortnight, it's on Thursdays that the flavours change 21/7 is the next change.

Einstein The Musical was this week's show. A simple open book like backdrop with projections set the stage of the life of Einstein from graduating to moving to America. It was about opportunity costs of his work and not a very happy vibrant musical, though interesting, making us question what are we giving up, and is it worth it?

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