Catching Up on Pretty Little Liars @ Tuesday, July 19, 2016

With school holidays we're catching up the Pretty Little Liars! The series is based off the books but take a turn for the more socially acceptable idea of teaming up to tackle A, while in the books (I''m up to no.13) the girls split up and have their own adventures that intertwine less. 

It's a vicious cycle of paranoia, meeting new people, accidentally killing them thinking they're A, and creating secrets e.g. Emily meets a boy, has his baby girl, gives it up for adoption. And Toby is long dead along with Jenna. As to the A Team, first it's Mona (like in the series) but she gets killed off, then it's the real Ali (who's evil) as Courtney took her place in a switch, and was the girls' version of Ali. They almost end her, but her most loyal friend Emily lets her escape. And that's where I'm up to at the start of book 13.

The tv series while is still a vicious cycle the body count of the girls directly killing off potential As is lower.

Season 7A saw the reveal of A, the one who stole the game from Mona.

As usual there's the annual prom, and we swear these girls are almost never going to finish high school, alas season 7B has a five year time jump, but more on that later. I'm seeing a bit of a theme here, Aria as Snow White, Mona as Red Riding Hood and Hanna as Cinderella.

Ali as Beauty in Beauty & The Beauty, with A being the beast.

Really?! So new comer Cece who's known as Ali's friend and muse, who was Jason's gf is A?! She was born a he, at the time of airing Caitlin Jenner was a thing, and so I felt it was riding on that coat tail. Cece aka Charlotte aka Charles was born a boy, to Mary Drake who's Jessica's twin (the twin theory!) though Jessica Dilaurentis was the adoptive mother as Mary lived at Radley, due to an incident between the two twins. Who's the good and bad? We have yet to find out.

Bethany wore that yellow top the night Mona tried to kill Ali, but it was Bethany that she killed, mistaking her for Ali. Then Cece appeared and accidentally knocked out Ali, thinking she was Bethany, which is why Mrs D was burring Ali.

Sara Harvey is in cahoots with Cece, though plays the role of the victim in A's Dollhouse. She takes it up a step by bonding with Emily and becoming her lover for a while. Sara also plays with Jenna, and is the black widow.

While we always thought A is a girl, there was the Charles twist which was unexpected. Melissa was always a suspicious character, her involvement that night that Ali was buried was, she saw Spencer with a shovel and thought she'd killed Ali, so she buried "Ali" alive, but it turned out to be Bethany, who Mona had hit. Her partner & Spencer's for a while, Wren was also suspicious, though we'd later have a suspicious doctor. Though we don't know anything about this new dr, other than he's evil and working with Cece.

Pretty Little Liars is back! Season 7b, the last, new season new A. New secrets and 
repeated mistakes. Will the girls ever learn? Nope. There a five year time jump, the girls have gone to college/or not, but Cece's trial calls them back to Rosewood, and during that week Cece is killed and it's another round of games.

Spencer - Worked in politics in DC, and has hooked up with Caleb. Her mother, Veronica's running for senate. Toby has moved on (or has he?) and is engaged so an insignificant character, Yvonne, daughter of the party Veronica's running against.

Hanna - Worked as a PA in fashion for a bitch in NY. Back home she offered herself as Cece's killer to help the girls find new A, but it fails. She does escape though and is found by Mary Drake, Mrs D's sister, played by the dead Mrs D, but instead of being blonde she's brunette. Hanna met Jordan, guy with the accent, but she broke it off, though has yet to tell the girls, but her ex-bf Mona know.

Emily - Her dad got killed! NOOO! And she blew he college funds and ending up as a bartender somewhere warm and sunny. Potentially hooking up with pot-head barista Sabrina, who work at the Brew.

Aria - Works in book editing, there was a guy, but he saw Aria and Ezra together and she broke it off. He sees Ezra for the person he really is, which the audience/fans deny, the fact that he is a bit of a creep on how they met/hooked up. He knew Aria was Ali's friend, but what he didn't know was that she was going to be in his class.

Ali - Married her sister's dr, Elliot, who turns out to be using a fake ID. His real name is Archer and he was with Cece, is he a real doctor? Who know. He's also working with Jenna. Elliot marries Ali to get her money and control over her, keeping her sedated in rehab till she makes a run for it. The girls follow her GPS and Hanna hits and kills (well, anyone can come back from the dead except: Wilden, Maya, Maya's stalker/fake cousin, Emily's dad and Cece) Elliot, though whether he is really dead is still tbc.

Hello new Victoria Grayson! In the form of Mary Drake (PLLs) her "best quality is how these bitchy insults come so naturally and effortlessly to her. She could lounge back on the sofa, make a cracking quip about you and your family, and then graciously take a sip of tea tea as she savours the aftertaste of her scintillating sass."

"...a refined connoisseur of throwing shade, so masterful in her art that she could insult you to your face yet disguise the malicious intent within a thinly veiled compliment. During her conversation with Spencer, Mama Drake was slyly dishing out backhanded digs like “You certainly are inquisitive.” (translation: you’re a nosy lil bitch, aren’t ya?) and “I know your family well enough to know that they’re excellent secret keepers.” (translation: so many crooked liars in your family, whoops!)" - Recap Everything 

Remember that one time Spencer worked at a law firm on Suits? She's marrying Mike Ross! Who's now in jail, thanks to Shelia, and the firm seems to be a sinking ship.

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