Salsa-ing for a Week @ Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday 7th July

In our small little town, Subway opened up a couple weeks ago, Domino's a couple months ago, and Salsa's re-opening with a new menu! *Can't tell the difference between the old and new menu* 

This picture wasn't taken on re-opening day. 

To celebrate there were free chip burritos! 1,600+ were made on this day. And unlike the city it was less than an hour's wait, at around 10-15 minutes. Never has a free and freshly made/arranged food been obtained so fast. :P

Chip-Burrito $10-ish
Grilled steak, mexicrinkles, cheese, salsa fresca, chipotle salsa & ranch sauce

I had the beef, which was a bit salty, but other than that all good. Perhaps the chicken won't be as salty? Wrong. Should mention that it was too salty for me, though it's all about personal taste. 

There's bar tables, normal tables and seats out in the arcade. 

The next day we were back for dinner before a show.

MexiCrinkles $4

Freezer chips, crinkle cut with that orange Samboy flavouring. Average, not perfectly crispy outside and  fluffy on the inside. No go. But the sour cream made it better, though I don't recommend Salsa's chips, head up the road to Grill'd.

Holy Guac $14
Corn chips, cheese, salsa fresca, black beans, sour cream, guacamole & salsa 

We ordered nachos with chicken instead of guac. The nachos were salty on their own and so was the chicken. :( But this dish covered all the Mexican ingredients I was after, as my favourite mex chain is MadMex and I always get their naked burritos. 

Chicken Quesadilla w cheese, onion & capsicum, salsa & smokey chipotle mayo $12

A fun entree, easy to eat on the go I consider this more of a snack rather than meal, and not a cheap snack either with the toppings that didn't extend to the very edge, but rather stopping a bit short of an inch before the edge.

14 Hour Beef Bowl $13

w coriander, lime rice, salsa, red cabbage, ranch dressing

This features what you see and a bit more, it's beef with lime rice, salsa (tomatoes), lettuce and cream. Simple but lacking, I added sour cream. I need black beans, a lot more salsa and cheese. Because under that salad was a lot of rice and beef, the beef was a bit spicy but just the right about to add that kick, though overall lacked something deeper. The lime rice was a fun twist that we enjoyed.

14 Hour Beef Burrito $12

Bio guy agreed with my thought above, that it was lacking black beans and the works. It's a bit basic. Only the holy guc nachos contained everything we desired. 

Another night, another dinner.

Cheese Quesadilla $9 - A fun snack, it reminded me of naan on a variation, being more pizza-like. A thin crust doughy pizza with the fillings within, but not so much it becomes a calzone.

Chicken Fajita Bowl $11

Chicken, coriander & lime rice, salsa fresca, onion & capsicum & smokey chipotle mayo. Yummy but a bit basic still, missing the lot.

A Share Platter for Two $25

6 tortillas & your choice of meat (we picked chicken), with black beans, onion & capsicum, lettuce, coriander & lime rice, sour cream, salsa fresca, guacamole & chipotle salsa. Served with corn chips.

Tonight they were out of black beans (no one thought to run up to Safeway?) and so we were offered a few other things instead like cheese and a mildy hot sauce.

It was a fun way to slow down and move away from the screen during dinner, with DIY soft tacos. They were in a container to keep them warm which was nice. Lots of fillings and variety..

Churros 2 for $5.50 - Two serves pictured above, but you really only need one pp.

Spanish donuts covered in cinnamon sugar with chocolate dipping sauce

But tonight it is the churros that takes the spotlight. Thick, crispy on the outside and fluffy buy definitely cooked on the inside (San Churro I'm looking at you) rolled in cinnamon sugar this was perfect! The scent was of cinnamon donuts microwaved, which smells like heaven! *swoons*

Deep fried and dipped in chocolate? Yes please!

During all our dinning experiences about the menu was 50% off due to the reopening week, though I would not normally purchase burrito bowls as Salsa, as I prefer MadMex who has more ingredients in their bowls/burritos. Salsa is less mex of the chains and offers more salads.

Service was always friendly, though one time they got my name wrong...

What will we be back for? Tacos Tuesdays, and churros!

Have you been to one of the newly renovated Salsa? 
Which mex chain do you like? And who do you think does the best churros?

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