Aqua S Soft Serve @ QV @ Saturday, July 23, 2016

Aqua blue sea-salt soft serves have arrived in Melbourne! Well, almost a month ago (21/6), though we were busy on opening day. Start with a base then add toppings, that's what it's all about, with flavour changing every fortnight.

Known for their original-ish flavour, sea salt, served in a cloud of fairy floss with their sky backdrop, it's THE place to go for dessert at the moment!

Is it a hype? Yes, it's all about likes really. The novelty of it all.

Week 1 & Week 3. 21st July was the last change in flavours. At $4 it's cheaper than MilkCow, though we believe 8Bit also does soft serves, though have yet to try them. Gami & Rice Workshop have green tea/black sesame soft serves or $2-2.50. Another potential competitor is is Royal Stack's frozen custard.

It's all about the toppings! Why yes I could like to get three toppings, just this once (well next time). This is where it's just like froyo, cheap-ish base ($4) then add ons.

The first time you purchase four toppings, costing $8.50 in total,  you get a loyalty card which gives you 10% off each time. Doesn't seem like much, but in all aspects of your spendings it really does add up.

Cash only *sigh* my atm is too far, but Safeway is just a couple floors down and you can get the exact amount you need there. I'm more likely to spend cash then card, so don't carry around much cash.

The fairy floss is an order once twice thing for me, purely for the novelty factor, because it doesn't go with the soft serve. Too sweet, and takes away the attention and covers your tongue in sugar, dimming the spotlight on the sea salt. 

He had the blueberry and I the coconut. It was nice though nothing amazing, those two. But the sea salt was pretty good. Unfortunately we missed pandan last week (cash only, atm too far)(Wk1) this week (Wk3) it's blueberry, coconut and their signature sea salt. 

We look forwards to returning every fortnight, it's on Thursdays that the flavours change 21/7 is the next change. 

Open 7 Days, Noon till 10pm @ QV, near Grill'd and the Square. 

Have you been to Aqua S? What's your thoughts on the hype?
Where do you go for soft serve/frozen custard/froyo/a cold dessert?

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