Matilda the Musical @ Monday, July 25, 2016

Thursday 14th July

Tonight we went to see Matilda, marketed as unforgettable I can only recall the outline 4hrs later, and can't recall any of the songs. That could be just my memory going though. An experience lasts as long as the time I spent within the venue, and a couple hours after. Rarely does it make an imprint in my memory, though we always remember the very best and worst. Matilda was neither of those things.

The story with Miss Honey's parents is too dramatic and unbelievable, they should have blown up if it were true. The cottage is now a shed, Miss Honey failed to grow as a character, and I think Matilda's brother is special needs.

Set in Britain, the librarian Mrs Phelps seems out of place, a character larger than life. I felt that she would have been more appropriate if it was an American musical? The role of a supportive adult who wasn't directly involved in Matilda's life was essential though, and Mrs P bought that. A cheerleader on the sidelines to listen to the story. 

Miss Trunchbull was hilarious, played by a man, with low hanging things... Bigger than you, fitter than you, can and will do a roll. Great office, a portable set of surveillance tvs and trophys bringing back her glory days. After all, isn't that what gym is all about? :P Those who can't do teacher (though not always), and those who can't teach, teach gym XD

A great contrast to the timid Miss Honey. Wait, is Honey her first or last name? Aunt Trunchbull was her mother's sister (I think) and so her mother was a Trunchbull too....  

We don't recall Matilda being as rebellious as in the musical, though her sings are always entertaining, getting up to mischief and plotting rebellious coups. 

After the break swings were onstage with a bittersweet song 'When I Grow Up' about children wanting to grow and be free. What they don't tell you is it's a trap! No one tells you about responsibility and bills.

In the end Miss Honey becomes the new headmistress of the school, which in a way doesn't make sense. Because being a teacher is very different from principal, more leader less teacher. But I suppose this a family show and so things don't need to make sense. 

I like it, but didn't love it. There wasn't anything wrong with, it just didn't blow us away. We had a good time, and good view even from the back row. Unlike 'Singing in the Rain' it's not a must see, at least not for us. Will it stand the test of time? Doubt it.

Have you seen Matilda? What were your thoughts? 

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