Friday 15th July

Lucy was upset about something so we spent the afternoon with her rather than doing stuff I was suppose to do, resulting in missing a trip to the circus. In hind sight we could have just bought her along to the event in her carrier bag.  

Next time, coffee first, photo later. Ugh wrong focus!

The evening was spent driving 1.5hrs to Ballarat, there wasn't traffic once we were over the bridge, and it was just freeways going to 120km/ph. Too fast for me! Mainly trucks out there. As I don't have a cd player and the days of buying $40 cds at Boarders have long passed, we bought one cd along: The Wiggle's Wiggly Party. There's an Elmo like voice that I can't figure out who it belongs to...

Pictures taken on the day we left, hence daylight.

Leaving at 9pm we got to the motel around 10.30pm-ish. We stayed at the Peppinella Motel, a bit out of town, not somewhere you'd stay unless you drove. 

We booked the room with 1 queen and 1 single bed for two nights at $240. A 3.5-star smoke-free motel in Delacombe. After much research this place was the one. We started with the cheapest within x miles of the place, and then read the reviews. Staying for a Fri/Sat night above a bar is a no go. Bathrooms outside, nope.

The Space. That door on the left is the bathroom.

What do you mean I bought too much stuff?!

The Kitchen


Instead of cute little branded toiletries they were more practical, green, refillable versions. I bought my own stuff, as often there are no ingredients list, and I'm allergic to life. There was also shaving foam and something else.

Peppinella had what we needed on impressions, though things don't always go to plan. There was...

  • Spiderweb in the lampshade, 
  • One sink shared between the bathroom & kitchen (it was a hand basin, too small to wash dishes!),
  • Not enough powerpoints, in the kitchen you can only use the kettle or microwave at a time. We need a powerboard to recharge everything.
  • The kettle had a rustly rim
  • Cable didn't work, we couldn't find it (too late to ask for help)
  • The heater didn't work and made strange noises (it snowed the week before we got there)
  • One electric blanket didn't work (out of 3)
  • And sheets weren't changed between the days we were there (jas says they're changed daily), I wasn't fused though as we spent two night there. 

What did go to plan? The place was clean and what we needed. Lots of extra blankets, there was an iron & board, mini fridge came with cute mini milk.

Our main issue was that it was winter and the heater didn't work. But if it did work we'd recommend Peppinella Motel.

P.S. To make it nicer, not that it smells or anything I bought along my electronic diffusor (you use it with essential oils). If you have space and are thingy about your pillow then bring that too. The ones provided are nice and fluffy, though I have a firmer memory foam block at the house and so it felt strange. Also bring a dvd, just in case you want something playing in the background.

There's a laundry room that closes 9pm (except Sundays, 7pm) $4 per wash and $2 per dry. I suppose this is for those staying for more than a week. There was also a pool and hot tub, but we didn't stick around that long (open 8am-9/7pm).

BBQing area, well not this time of the year, it snowed last week.

The pool & hot tub, similar opening hours to the laundry.

There is only one floor by the way, in the shape of an 'L'.

We chose a motel as it was what we needed, just a place for the night rather than a fancy place I won't leave. But how you get there is an important factor in considering where to stay. 

Travel - Are you driving? Where are you parking? Is there parking? How much is parking? How much will it cost for gas to get there? If you're taking the country train, you still need to get to the place/hotel. How will you get there? What time is check in? 

Accommodation - Traveling alone/with someone you'd share a bed with? Airbnb. From what I've read like uber there's accountability, and you'll rate each other.

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