Alice Through the Looking Glass @ Friday, July 29, 2016

Five years have passed since the last movie, in movie time that is. New movie, new costumes! Sort of, well for some characters. It's still Edwardian England though, so bright colours aren't very popular though Alice was never too bothered about fitting in.

On the other side of the mirror the hatter's gone mad with grief, so Snape reincarnated as a blue butterfly invites Alice back to Underland to help. To help find out what happened to the hatter's family, so she finds the Time Lord and "borrows" the little ball that powers time. Time travel is generally not a good idea from what we've seen, unless you're Hermione.

Alice travels back to meet the young hatter, then again to the day the Red Queen hit her head and formed the bumps, who knew they weren't natural?! Time's after Alice to get his ball back, and to escape him she jumps through a mirror and wakes up an Victorian institution, where if you weren't crazy when you arrived you will be. She hopes back over to the other side, where the adventure continues.

Time is catching up. 

What an odd outfit! It's like something went wrong there.

The Red Queen gets hold of the ball time turner/cycle and grabs her sister, the White Queen and together they go back to that moment where everything changed. The events that lead up to her head deformation. But then she sees herself and all hell breaks loose. Like the lava in the cave of wonders, it consumes all it touches, Pompeii style. Everyone says their goodbyes. 
We also don't recall the White Queen wearing the dress on the promo posters.

Does Alice make it? She's racing to get the ball back to where it belongs to power the grand clock. Nope. But by magic there's a jolt of electricity and all is well. Funny how she actually asked the Time Lord if she could borrow it, and he did say no as it powers the place, but she takes it anyway. 

Through traveling back to H-Day Alice discovered that the Hatters weren't killed, but turned into tiny characters that the Red Queen keeps in a glass sand frame. She took them as revenge for Hatter laughing because the crown didn't fit her head. It was also the day she lost her crown, both figuratively and literally. 

Once again Alice has to go home, all these adventures are, are for her to learn something. This time it's to let go. Hamish (the guy she rejected in the last movie) has gotten a hold of her shares in the company, and her mother's house. Since the formation of the partnership between Alice and her father's friend, the later has died, and so Hamish is in charge. And he's offering the house back for her father's ship and her a position as his secretary (mockingly). Alice rejects his offer and starts an import/export company of her own.

A close up of that exquisite collar.  

One thing we don't get is why Alice needs an invite, and can't just pop over for a visit through a mirror. Can she take others too? Or is it just specific to her? Also the plot was missing essence, while it was still all lovely and pretty like the first film it fell short of expectations as sequels tend to.

Costumes much more interesting than plot.

Have you been 'The Looking Glass'? What were your thoughts?

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