Catching Up With Lost Days & Times @ Sunday, July 31, 2016

Finishing my course and looking for a job in my area/admin has been a challenge with many unproductive days along the way, so we don't have daily adventures worth mentioning. I guess we're a bit down that we weren't simply offered a job or head hunted, when we keep hearing stories about and expecting it to happen to us. Life is harder than they said it would be. 

Wednesday 13th July

Baked mandarin melting moments with the newest neighbor, bio guy (he was in my biology class). A few minutes over otherwise very good. The annoying neighbor commented it was cafe style. Yes it is, and you only need two. She's got 99 problems but has decided to take on the next world war. That's not my problem, but it is when she's pestering me about it. If you want to talk about it go online like a normal person.

Dinner for two $15-ish per person! Thanks to a promo.

After dinner we went shopping, homewares I love. So much stuff including stationary on sale!! Bio guy and I bought pots and other stuff. I bought a book as a gift and napkins. Beautiful ones, hard to use. They're for photo shoots and I'm going to try modpodge.

Service was iffy. One guy was fantastic. Check out girl wasn't. Overcharged because sale price didn't scan, but I pointed that out. But then I get home and realized that there was something else I was overcharged for!! And the store isn't on my way somewhere, it's up on a hill.

The cookbook is on dairy, wheat and sugar free green clean eating. Not my style, I bought it for the first half of the book on elements of food, the stuff in them, nutrients and such. 

Tuesday 19th July

We went shopping and spent $11 at goodwill, Scared Heart is one of the cheaper ones. Here goodwill, the two red ones are like old stuff at new prices. I'm here for the books and potential rare Vintage Polly Pocket. So what did we get for $11? A can opener (jas is amazed its been 7mths and I didn't obtain one till now), a BNIB peeler, a dvd and three books. 80s fashion with Princess Diane (the only thing I recall about her is her funeral), a book for jas printed in Japan, and a book on Time Management. Something I struggle with like no one else.

Not sure if I remembered to share this trip, which featured glass bottles and old vodka skulls, a book box from C&E that I store a couple headbands in, a pretty awesome 20s style hat from the 80s at the latest made by Stella Lang at the Royal Arcade. Later on I'd meet a lady at the jail who had her wedding hat made by Stella!

Aren't these cool? Thinking of painting the inside with gold metallic paint. 

Off home aka the city. then 20 stops on No.19 Coburg. The tram ditched us a third of the way up so it took almost an hour. But I'm off to get cake for George and he's worth it (the time) plus I got time to kill.

Midnight Tea Birthday Party! Alas George doesn't like tea...

The Green Refectory is our favourite affordable (and cheap) cake shop ($60 fancy south yarra cakes are a bit $$$). We had a meal there once but it wasn't good, too much quantity not enough quality. Cakes are a different story though, ok so they're still massive slices (1 slice serves 2) but the quality's there. Here you can get a full cake for <$40. My favorite is the strawberry sponge, $4.80 a slice or $22 for the whole thing. Though I have no need for one, as I don't have many people in my life. But perhaps for an event. Plastic ta boxes 30c

Wednesday 20th

On this day three years ago I was made a disabled person. Thanks for the reminder fb.

Breakfast could happen if it was around noon. :P Nearly after three months after purchasing a groupon for brunch we got around to it, as it was valid till 11.30am only, and we are not morning people.

Through groupon we bought the 'Build-Your-Own Breakfast with Coffee for One ($15)'. It says total value up to at $32.90 which is a lie. It's $24.90 for the build your own dish (assuming you pick the most $ option each time), so selecting an omelette ($7.50 alone!!) and the more $ sides (salmon, bacon, hash browns, chorizo, feta), plus a salad and coffee. So unless a small coffee and salad costs $8 I don't know how they got to that conclusion.

As we were in a rush to get back to the office we ordered takeaway, and forgot what the deal was, other than for a bread bowl, so ordered off the menu rather than creating our own. Though I would have designed an olive base with cheese omelette, with hummus or cream cheese/spinach dip with mushrooms and salmon. Instead we had the...

Mushroom Madness $17 - Spinach and cream cheese dip with two 
poached eggs, halloumi cheese and a medley of marinated mushrooms. 

Creamy and delicious, the saltiness of the cheese balances out the eggs, and the textures of were a delight! Though we would have liked to seen more mushrooms. Otherwise it was very good and recommended.  

My office is a couple blocks directly south of the cafe and so the food was served warm, getting takeaway did not change the food in any way. We even got better lighting! 
 Service was very good. On pricing it's more than we'd normally spend on a main ($15) but we would return on a groupon, if we were morning people. Fingers crossed a similar offer will be available till 3pm!  

We've yet to return for that delicious french toast we had last time!


Two years ago we had the best Greek dinner at Spitiko, and now we're back!


Shakespeare x MSO @ Monash

How was your week? How long did it take you to find your first job out of college?

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