Spitiko Revisited @ Monday, August 01, 2016

Thursday 21st July

Two years ago we had the best Greek dinner at Spitiko, and now we're back! For a four course dinner with wine for four ($95) valued at $197.60?? 

The deco hasn't changed except for the addition of a few pieces of art and the 'No Pokemon' sign, but the deal has. As we had five people instead of four (long story, summary is there is a reason I'm in charge of organizing dinners), we ordered an extra entree to share. So for $95 + $16.50 we had...

  • Saganaki - Fried kefalograviera cheese $16.50
  • Mixed dips with pita bread 
  • Mixed gyros platter (pork and chicken) 
  • Greek village salad 
  • Greek-style doughnuts (loukoumades)

We first started with mixed dips of tarama (caviar dip), melitazanosalata (eggplant dip), and tzatziki (yogurt mixed with garlic dip) served with an oily pita bread. Yum! 

We also had 'Saganaki – fried kefalograviera cheese' with that. 

The main dish was a meat platter (chicken & pork) served with a Greek village salad composing of cucumber, tomatoes, feta, olives with a light dressing of x. 

I had the chicken which was moist and served with a squeeze of lemon. Served with just the salad I felt that something was missing, the carb element. In hindsight we should have ordered rice or potatos. Funny thing, as last time it was meat + carbs and we needed a salad. 

Dessert was loukoumades, Greek style doughnuts, which unlike last time wasn't bland as it had more  sugar syrup poured over it. Light and fluffy they were delightful! It was interesting that the serving sizes for four, especially the donuts, slightly resembled our meal for two last time (except the size of the dip), where we totally over ate. 

e.g. Donuts for two

Service was adequate, though the dishes and deal wasn't explained to us, and as I didn't organize it myself as usual we didn't claim all four drinks that we were entitled to as part of the deal. That or the deal offered house wine and we'd pick other wines and so they counted as two drinks each? That could have been done better. 

The bill came to $125 for five, $25 each for a three course meal, filling but not too much, a light lunch-like meal. The deal we bought last time, also $25pp was a much better deal as there were three entrees and much more meat per person.

Will we be back? Yes if that deal returns, otherwise it's a bit expensive.

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