A Weekend at Sovereign Hill - Part 3 @ Sunday, August 07, 2016

Saturday Night

Getting dimmer we located the gardens I wanted to take a picture of later when dark, before heading out to the car to empty our bags and have a snack, also adding more layers. 

By 4pm it was actually quite cold, we wore heattech (doesn't really work on its own) + merino + dress + wool sweater + wool coat, and two layers of stockings. 

At 5.45 the light show starts! Wonderlights from the creators of White Night. The view from 5" is mostly toddlers on shoulders. Could use morman's offer to pick up me right about now. now confetti like soap bubbles! The only thing ruining the moment was the clunky (clunk ky) transitions between projections, which could have been seamless. A series of projections were on rotation, one of those looked out of place, looking like something made with MS Wordart during the 90s.  

It soon started to snow and it was magical with all the lights reflecting off the 
Back to the gardens we located earlier, a tree lit up with lights, in a garden with a sundial and white picket fence. A perfect scene for a proposal if it weren't for the kids running around while parents lined up for pictures with santa nearby.

Blood on the Sovereign Cross was a show jas wanted to see, it's about the introduction of the gold license (a license to look for gold), the people wanting democracy, and the government sending in the soldiers to kill those who opposed the license. Of those who weren't killed they did some time in jail though all 13 were released in the end. 

It's a three part show, the first in a movie theatre, then the gold panning area. Hello smoke machines! The tents light up and there's voice overs. You then take a ride to an undercover area, where the wall opens up to a scene outside, where the main action happens. It's like a stage, but outdoors, and you're indoors minus a wall. 

It was a good show though nothing amazing, if you want the full experience then go for it.

Back in the car by 9pm it was time for dinner! But most places close by 9.30pm??! The place we planned to go to was closed (zomato said open), the second place didn't pick up the phone, and so dinner was a challenge. But first ice cream! 

- There's another post on the gelato place & grill'd - 
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After a long day we weren't actually that tired, and may have over ate. In hindsight that chip platter would be pretty good shared between 3-4. Back at the motel I analyzed the sheets, which weren't changed as jas thought they'd be. Instead the bed were just made, and it was freezing as the heater didn't work. Next time I'm bringing my own! 

I'd actually bought my sleeping bag just in case. Back when we did go on vacation mother said a motel was too much, and we always stayed in tiny dusty caravans. I hate caravans and I hate flying, and so we never really anywhere. Mother also hates spending money, so we never ate out other than $4.50 Happy Meals at McD after church every Sunday.

Part 3 - This Post.

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