Harry Potter & The Cursed Child @ Sunday, August 28, 2016

We were ever so excited about anything Harry Potter being released though "The Cursed Child" was disappointing. While there were midnight launches back home here in our small town the release was to be at 9am, and the book $35. Living in isolation there wasn't really that hype that usually builds up, instead everyone was still talking about Pokemon Go. But they weren't missing much it was really just... 

Fanfiction where Bellatrix x Voldy got together and made a baby, who's not out to seek vengeance to those who killed them, but to meet and be with him. She also gives up easily, and is a bit of a 2D character. Also most villains don't write their secrets on the wall, if they want fame and glory (in their minds) they made a recording and get the media to share it. 

Ron is the handbag holding husband in the background, while the main characters are Team Alfoy, Albus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy. Malfoy never got his happy ending, enough though his family (headed by his mother) quit Team Voldy before the final battle. All his power was dependent on his father really. 

While the sets are Hogwarts the boys never make it there for their 4th year opting to go on a mission #savecedric before he turns into a vampire. They are at Hogwarts but in a different year, Harry's 4th year featuring 'The Goblet of Fire'. Albus is the leader, though Malfoy has to take charge when Albus ceases to exist. This is in Voldy's world, where Malfoy is head boy and doing well, but instead of choosing to stay he chooses to make things right. He was never tempted by the dark side, for there was nothing there for him.  

Prepare for time travel, lots of it, you'll need to construct a timeline to understand it, or have the 4th book fresh in mind. Snape is back, but so is Umbridge, in an alternative relativity that takes on the question "What if Dumbledore's Army had lost the battle of Hogwarts?".

The end, with the adventure wrapped up felt like a dream. Almost like in stories where the characters wake up at the end. That or it felt like so as I finished the script in just hours.

What did you think of the script?

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