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Saturday 6th August

Tonight we had a trip to Monash for a concert, and an unwanted invitation to the after party, as we got on the party bus then party train. Boobs and booze. Oh how I wish I was young enough not to feel the weather! But wait, I'm around the same age as them. I just don't have the same interests. We celebrate occasions with a trip to the theatre/concert/opera or full on themed party (e.g. Edwardian, Emerald City, Wiggles, OUAT) rather than drinks. One girl wore a strip on fabric to keep herself from getting an indecent exposure fine, a bikini top is less revealing. And they were at least G sized. Young people these days... And they were off to the clubs in the city, already partially drunk. Mother says most of society's problems would be solved if we all had to go to church on Sunday morning, that might be partly true. 


We're been out sick lately, so the highlight of the past five or so days would be dancing. It was busy, crowded and people we missed we back! Not everyone, but some. 

One of the girls has a dog, who I try to touch almost weekly, but he's like no. Tonight I realized he is scared of me. But unlike the others he doesn't bark, he actively moves back when I try to pat him and I'm on the ground and not looming over him.

I may have muttered "I will touch you and you'll like" :). Morman heard me and said "Please don't my wife won't like it and neither will I". XD He wasn't laughing, and I wasn't talking to him or looking in his direction. XD So we've established the dog likes to be patted, just not by me. *sad that the dog doesn't like me*


It might only be winter outside, spring in the shops but summer is near and so are the launches of summer festivals. 

Last week was the launch of Melbourne Festival, this week it's Fringe Festival, where you could totally see three shows a night. But knowing that if it sucks you're still stuck there, in a bad show. Fortunately that's rare. 

Drink and speeches followed by the release of the program. Oh and a light show, because that's the theme this year. We met people who were lovely and one guy who wasn't. Advantage of no longer being a teacher is you don't have to deal with parents who are worse than their kids. 

On the way back we met a nice guy, friendly, holds intelligent conversation, and a teacher (of sorts). Run for your life!! Three compliments within minutes followed by going up to me at the tram to say it was nice to meet me, and I'm very nice. I thought we had parted at the coffee shop? :P The only reason I didn't invite a future conversation was purely based on age. 

I'm interested in hearing more about his thesis on the perception of time, but what if he thinks I'm into more than networking? Or what if vice versa. I have no problems meeting people as an events planner, do I do have difficulties connecting. Consulted three friends, the guys say he's defs into me. Nice guy too, which is rare. Guys who into me and usually grandpas or drunk jerks.

But really how does one meet new people and yet still deal with stranger danger?


Still recovering from being very sick last week an afternoon nap was required and hence we had to move shopping for inspiration to Saturday, and hence ballet to Sunday. 

Thursday is event night! And tonight we attended a sold out show of 'Frank – A Life in Song' a tribute show. We were also the only young people there, everyone else was a grandparent!

It was pretty amazing! We used to dance to Sinatra, with le beau. Though moon river wasn't on the playlist tonight, it was still a magical experience! Ending with the Theme from New York New York.

The accent was strange, jas says it's like the aftertaste of food, but with singing. XD As in between songs when Tom spoke he had an accent (American but strange) but it kinda faded out and he was revealed to be Australian at the end! I think with accents if you choose to go one you need to carry it all the way through till you change characters. It's not the first time its happened this week, the "German" duo also didn't carry through. 


In our small town, which composes of either cheap, chain or expensive restaurants there are a few lunch spots we'd like to try out, all under $15. And I'm hoping to write a guide to 5 lunch spots under $10. We're looking at moving houses soon and so we have limited time! 

Curry Camp - They do a $7.50 lunch, only on Thurdays & Fridays though. We had takeaway dinner, as I have a mini rice cooker and was excited to use it. $16 for the butter chicken, naan and pistachio ice cream.


Shopping, for inspiration. Found none. But I can say that there were more pictures taken than purchases. We started at Chapel St x High St and walked to Windsor Station.

Our conclusion...

  • Prahran Mission - There's a certain day of the last week of the month where all the clothes are 50% off. They also have a student day where you can get x% off. TBC.
  • Red Cross/Salvos is the most $$ of Op shops. But each week they have an offer where say all the purple tagged items are 50% off.
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence (149 Chapel St) - Either the sign is small or its moved as we didn't see this one.
  • Storehouse Charity Inc - Smaller than the others, plenty of books ($4) and dvds. Also cds. Located opposite...
  • Sacred Heart Mission - So much cheap furniture! It goes pretty fast though. They also have clothes and lots of books, around $4. 
  • MECWA - Books, not much though. Worth checking out if you're just after books. Also a few shops down is a HUGE bookshop! I found it uncategorized and overwhelming, but the lady at the counter know where everything is. Alas there was nothing by Phillips Georgory. 

The back room in the book shop near Mecwa.

Some books have tiny tiny print! We came across a couple intriguing books, that were too small to read. Also I swear 'The Nanny Returns' is the most donated book, because I've seen it everywhere! Mrs Beeton sounds familiar.

Storehouse Charity

Mary Poppins I'm interested in, but it was too heavy for today. Another day yes. Sad thogh, I'm running out of space! I suppose that's why ebooks are great, but it's really not the same. Back home I have my own library.

That tie is the perfect time of the week, as the Olympics is on. Oh those shoes, aren't they lovely? They remind me of Zelena the Wicked Witch of Oz.

Creative and cheap deco using gold paint. I'd buy that book in etiquette except I already have another edition of the very same book, and it's quite thick too!

Sacred Heart - There were a bunch of new dance shirts for $10. The only reason we didn't buy it was because, see the white dress? The bottom of it wasn't sewed on and fray potential. In hind sight we should have bought it. Instead we bought a book, limited room means hard decisions. I'm not sure if I have that Harry Potter book...

Our Picks: A Wiggles VCR (?) no I'm not sure how we're going to see that... a book as a gift, wrapped, and The Help! I've seen the movie and the book has been on the list for a while. Glass cups, for headpieces, to be used as... fish bowls?? The rubbers are collectibles and from the Reject Shop.

At the theatre we saw "Periscope Productions presents The Apocalypse Bear Trilogy". Student theatre. Sometimes has us asking why? Other than to show that your actors can play animal roles

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