Catching Up - Exploring the Neighborhood @ Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sometimes we do so much that we forget to mention it in the weekly posts! So occasionally we'll have these catch up posts. Flash back to that one time we went for a walk in the park areas... where I had an allergic reaction.

There's a trial near the house that goes under the bridge. We went right as it looked more interesting, left takes us across the lawn. There were a few info pop-ups along the way telling us about a railway that used to be nearby and designed for club members.

One suburb, so many styles. The top house is an hospital of some sort, or a recovery house. While it looks nice I'd imagine the inside to be very white with floorboards, creaky and cold. The bottom left house had a huge front lawn! So open and basic in design I haven't seen anything like this before. House on the right had an inner city feel, St Kilda East. Compact living but still with all the designs including Gothic influences and stained glass windows.

This garden was very unique, there were a few things going on. Can you see the meerkat? There were benches on the outside, where the fence ought to be too. We had to run after this so didn't get all the details.

We walked to the libaray near the junction. Open usually 9-5pm most days it has taken us this long to get here. I wished they were open at night. Instead of borrowing info books I like to scan them and read them later.

A while back the Pancake Parlour introduced their pancake pizzas! It's a pancake the size of a pizza to be shared for at least four people, priced at $30. We requested extra sprinkles.

Priceline had a skincare sale, but thanks to Sukin and prior sales we're set for sometime, so instead invested in more sunscreen and lip balm. You can never have enough lip balm, Burt's Bees is my all time favourite but it doesn't have SPF.

We love big boxes in the mail! I rarely ever get mail these days as they're all redirected home for safekeeping from curious neighbours. Parcels tied up with ribbon are my favourite! 

Brazen Brownies, they were good but fairly average, nothing amazing, though on the same week I also received the best brownies ever, fudgey and so delicious! From Ed Dixon. I shared them with jas who loved them too, and we added it to our awesome wedding food list.   

We made 'Flourless Orange Cake'! Needs more orange than suggested in the recipe though, and it's not too sweet *sad face* but it's well balanced paired with the cream cheese. It's quite easy, like an cake once you get the basics. The oranges need to be boiled for 2hrs the night before, best to do a few to save for other occasions. It was most fascinating as I've never boiled oranges before or pureed the entire thing.  

We also attempted 'Three Milks Cake', a delicious dessert we share at a Mexican restaurant where the accountant meet the lawyer. Alas it was nothing like that cake, it was an American poke cake. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a sponge cake, then you poke holes and pour a syrup or filling into it, and let it soak in. Serve topped with cream, as part of it might go a bit dry.

What have you been up to lately?

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