Musical Liaisons @ Thursday, September 01, 2016

Monday 15th August

A mini concert with Mirusia. Her voice is amazing... voice of an angel indeed!

Lunch dramas. Concluding almost at 5pm. The book is a hint at something that is to come.

Dinner was a series of canapés. We forgot the tacos!! First up was buffalo wings, I'd like this sauce on my chicken. Wings I struggle with. Freud said they were a bit hot, but I said only slightly. Aranchini balls with thousand islands sauce. Cheese but mainly rice balls, needs more flavor within. With the buffalo sauce it was just right.

Next was gyoza at Izakaya Chuji a Monday dinner special. Sadly these weren't very good, below average. My prawn gyoza was more like veggie gyoza with the occasional small prawn. Too much onion and filling. Low quality. Tastes like what I'd expect frozen from the supermarket. Not recommended even at $4.50. It was that bad.

It's that time of the year that we're preparing for 2017, weekly launches and tonight was one of the best launches! Because we love classical music! The reveal hinted in the pasta picture above, is that there's going to be two Harry Potter movies on screen while the MSO plays the music live! Yes tickets will be like $120, but it's an unmissable event!


An afternoon spend shooting photos for marketing. Trying new things whenever possible I try to include people in my photos to humanize it, even though I enjoy living alone on a hill, and I never entertain. My only visitor is the mail man.

I'm only going to share one picture till after the event, for promotion. The rest are secrets. ;)

Dinner at Gurkhas

On Monday & Tuesday Nights between 5-10pm there's an all you can eat/sampler menu for $20 per person. Two entrees, main platter and dessert. We'll have a post up in about a month, as we'd like to visit again first.


Aqua S - Strawberry & Maple 

The strawberry was refreshing and sorbet like, a bit strong all that's missing is strawberry seeds! The maple was the real highlight, it reminded me of something familiar, perhaps a caramel coffee? We'll be getting the maple again soon!

If my life was a season it would be spring boarding on summer. Long warm nights, no coats just blazers at the night noodle market. Walks in the park after dawn. Running around seeing three shows a night at the Fringe Festival. 

Rent. Angel can't hit the right notes and so one of her songs is played in a different key with an asian influence. Is Angel originally asian? I think Mimi is Mexican. She's a bit too obvious in her actions. When she has the spotlight there's back up dancers who steal the stage with strange choreography that's distracting. Joanne is flat with no style whatsoever sporting what looks like a cross stitch vest with dark floral motifs that match one of nanas chairs. Roger wears green and red. Red lumberjack pants which makes a shirt someone else is wearing. Benny isn't any better wearing a sports jacket pairing it with douchy sunglasses.
At the meeting one of the mains paragraph is given to a random person with no significance to the plot.

Mark the narrator has his time though really the only person who stands out is Maureen, with her outspoken lewd but amusing style. At one point she unzips her pants and moons at the audience. 


Dangerous Liaisons at Theatre Works tonight was a fabulous variety of pinks, swirling hooped Banque inspired dresses and topless women pretending to be men. High voices, snobbery, fairy floss hair, fabulous hair dos and dramatic brows!

Also lots of boobs. Yep. Because guys like to fight topless and everyone's doing it. Guy vs girl (playing the main guy) fighting topless, isn't there a fear of accidentally touching? XD
We really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it! 

A hilarious show - in character faces everyone!

11pm dinner at Father's Office. Once again the menu has shrunken. Mainly just burgers now, with deep fried entrees and cheesecake for dessert. *see picture*

Mushroom entree, needs more vinaigrette. Jas says it's hard to make hence there wasn't much. I would have thought it would be cooked in bulk. We also had popcorn chicken. Perfect size to dip in those cute but irritating jars which aren't practical at all. *ref tacos pic*

Burgers and fries for mains. He had x while I had the fried chicken with slaw in a black bun! Not squid ink though. *regrets not bringing camera* It was good, but not the shiny mcd style bun that mr burger, Huxtaburger or grand trailer park does. To make it something special I would add granny smith apples to the slaw to give it another x.

Pb cheesecake shared for dessert. More like pb swirl, rich as always but not enough pb.


Turns out we forgot to check emails yesterday as we got some tickets for an event on Saturday night, though didn't see the email till after the event started. And there wasn't that much info online.

I thought it was a party where people come and go. Nope. Sit down. People book tables of 8. And so yes I'm here alone. And the host didn't usher me to the singles table so I'm chilling out at the bar sipping on water because the only other non alcoholic drink is sold out. Can't believe I ubered here for this. Shortly after there were speeches and people started leaving. It was 9pm. We got here at 8.30 - ish. Also the local coles was small so didn't have matcha ice cream.

Nearby was a toy shop, along with hot air balloons I do love that felt rug perfect for a fairy scene.


We rarely go to the movies as we spent all the money on theatre, though Cinderella was playing this morning. And as we haven't seen it on the wide screen yet we went. There was about 10 people. 

Why did Ella tell the prince she was Cinderella in the end? That's like accepting the stepmothers dominant position over her and her role as a house slave. Though being a kid's movie perhaps we should gloss over this.

Stunning dresses, especially the step mother. Those hats and the gambling party dress. Love hats but at 5" I look like a mushroom. This dress she wears in particular, there aren't many pictures of it.

Ella's ballgown was magical with all those floaty layers. It would be very heavy though. Compared to other girls at the ball she was the star, a fairy and breathe of fresh air!

A classic we love, though we never actually saw the Disney version.

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