il piccolo gelato @ Tuesday, August 09, 2016

il piccolo gelato opened just 18 days ago in town, on Stuart St. And according to zomato it's the only ice cream place in town! Gosh it does feel small, the town, how did they not have one till now? Does Lune Croissants deliver up there? Oooh a croissant gelato would be interesting.

There's classic flavours as well as a couple I've never had before, 24 in total. 

$4 for one scoop, cheaper than the city. $5.50 for two was our pick. 

Cherry Coconut Chocolate aka Cherry Ripe, and Raffaello (Almond + White Choc) were my picks. Both I've never had before and loved. Service was very good, and makes us wish this place was local!

P.S. I'm not a Messina fan purely based on the fact that I am shorter than the counter and can't order without help.

Have you tried Raffaello? Which flavours do you hope to discover?

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