Jenny & Kenny's Vietnamese-ish Bread Rolls @ Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday 16th Sept

Nhu Lan - BBQ Chicken

When I think of college food I think of jam donuts, cannoli, subway (yes subway, the only place with english signs and brand we trust-ish) and baguettes or banh mi from Nhu Lan. But these days I'm no longer out west in Footscray, and so baget cravings will have to for a trip to the city.

Recently we went exploring and found a Vietnamese bread roll place! No where near as comprehensive as nhu lan with the homemade deserts and treats though I did see some sloppy/rustic vanilla slices.

At lunchtime the line was out the door at both Jenny's and Trang's a block in between them.

At Jenny's we ordered no.2 the satay chicken. For $4.10 you get a baget jammed packed full of bbq chicken, vegies and satay sauce. With lettuce, cucumber and tomato I declared it whitenized or fusion food, customized to fit the clientele (we're in Camberwell). 

It was good though not in the same competition as nhu lan as it might seem. It's something Freud would like (fussy toddler, will only eat familiar food). It's not for me. It's like if you want to try Vietnamese bread rolls but just wanted to dip a toe into the pool. Service was good, they were suspicious when I took pictures. Asians often are (the non local ones).

Trang's, while we have yet to eat there is more pricy that Jenny's with $6-7 rolls.

Jenny's Hot Bread Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Two stations away in Glenferrie is Kenny Tran's Roll a Day. 

Kenny Tran was the asian bakery in town, I miss those Vietnamese bread rolls. Naturally cash only (I'm certain this is so they can cheat on tax, not just them, but many others too). There is a student discount, but only on the subway deals. 

Yes they do subway rolls, the 6-inch or footlong with all the same sauces too! Note - There is a subway on the main street. Why would you copy someone so close by? I have never seen anyone copy subway before...

The Vietnamese bread roll here costs $6, and service was iffy. I asked for chicken, stating I do not eat pork, but she gave me the pork roll... It was not even busy, I was the only person there...

How was it? Average, bland unmarinated chicken with a strange combo of veggies. I requested no tomato. There was carrot, cucumber and coriander, but no spring onion or all those fresh herbs and marinated chicken that Vietnamese banh mi is all about.

Like Jenny's it's nothing like Nhu Lan, and I'm quite convinced that you need to go to an asian area to get the good ones. How does it compare to Jenny's? In size it's larger, but flavours relied on the soy sauce, while Jenny had satay sauce. The vegetable selection at Kenny's is more varied though it costs more.

Roll a Day Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Which would I recommend? Neither. 
Do you have any baget places to commend in the area? Camberwell/Hawthorn-ish.

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