Moving Again @ Monday, October 03, 2016

Monday 19th September

Taking stock of my ingredients is my step towards moving. Instead of moving boxes I'm using bags and two vans. Clothes go in suitcases, nick knacks might be wrapped in there too or in other safeway-ish reusable bags. Wow I have a lot of oils. And all my spices, they're for pumpkin pie. XD

The most interesting short conversations happen with morman. XD Today the first time in two years-ish he wasn't wearing his crazy strong perfume. We do feel for his coworkers.

Me - You smell different today.
Morman - How so?
Me - I smell blood...
Morman - Well it's not me. *looks down* You're bleeding. 
*there's blood on my hands and his sleeve* Good thing he doesn't plan on wearing the same shirt tomorrow and bathe weekly like my neighbours!


Lunch on main street is something new to us despite moving here in November last year, leaving it to the last week we intend to eat our way down main street. XD

In this little town, it's expensive. Though the trick is to go out for lunch, especially while you still can. As an adult who works 9-5pm you won't be able to sneak out for a leisurely meal.

Kopan Grill - Korean & Japanese, just a block away from the station has been on our list since we first moved here, though we haven't gotten around it till now. 

Lunch menus are awesome! For at Kopan from Tues-Fri 11.30am-3pm they have a lunch menu. More limited than the regular menu (which you can still order off?) but cheaper than dinner!

On the way to the tram we spotted a blue bowler hat! 100% wool possibly from Sportscraft. It feels, well manly? It'll be a nice base though to add ribbons, flowers and feathers to.

Inspired by an event that occurred on the weekend, we have decided that it is definitely a sign that I need help. Therefore it is time to go to church, weekly. But first to find one. How does one find one? Is it like the tutor trials or finding a dance studio? Most recommendations come from word of mouth, or having a friend you can tag along with. 

So we're moving on Friday, or are we? Well we need to be out by Tuesday that's for sure. We inspected the place we're moving to, a share house, and were shown a room. But then later they changed it to a different room, the one the size of a bathroom! The bed takes up half the room, and if you're like my average obessed neighbour you won't be able to fit through the gap between the bed and wardrobe to get through the door/space. Nope, I'm out. Though the contract I signed didn't stipulate which room specifically. *sigh*

Back to main street for dinner, this is that visit I need to complete our review, after four visits I'm ready! Three lunch visits, two takeaways and now dinner for two. The chef recognizes me. 


I have no idea what I'm doing, with the big move and all. The room is half the size and my stuff doesn't fit, and I have no where to store it. Well other than Fort Knox, but then do I send all my cooking ingredients there? Also my freezer, for at the new place (well, new to me) is tiny tiny, smaller than a microwave (my share of it that is). I cannot live in a shoe box. I am not a minimalist, like Carrie (SATC) I like my money where I can see it - around me.    

Fortunately life is still happening as a distraction to the questions of 'Where am I going to live next week?'. Because the new place sucks and isn't what I agreed to, and where I am now I have to leave by Tuesday next week. 

So what am I up to? Grandpa is very curious how I'm so damn busy for someone who doesn't work (only paid work counts). I volunteer at all the art festivals, am on a couple different committees and go to events/dine out, and blog about it all. 

Drinks. DJ. Deliveroo. DSLRs. Four things for a great night. 

After the event we were off to another one! Working the bar, that's also a performance space. There were body/morph-suits, yoga ball dances, sequins, sequin bodysuits and an reenactment of giving birth, a disco ball and foil confetti.

Though the most memorable act were the ladyboys playing tennis. You know how girls make noises while playing tennis? Yeah. Two guys on opposite end of the room, on those pillars they display statue busts on, with rackets hitting an invisible ball. Timings and reactions in sync it was great! 


Moving Day. Making it more livable. One step at a time.

Moving day, part 1. A car and van. Fell into a ditch. It was dark. We lost a bag of my reeds and toothbrush... it's not back at the house or in the car!! Where could it have gone?

Moving day. Like a visit to the dentist you don't want to go, but you really do need to. And so with great hesitation we did.

The room has improved since Tuesday, as on between then and now we came back to measure it and rearrange the furniture. It's amazing what a difference it can make. Personalizing it also helps.

The house is going to be renovated in a month or so. Hope they paint the walls, rip up the carpets, and change the two taps into the one mixer. Also bring a tall lamp into the bedroom. As renters we can't add those dressing table lights on three sides like they have at the theatre. There's one dull yellow light. A chandelier would be nice.

Note - I haven't done anything with the walls, like hung paintings and felt garlands as we're moving within a month. 

I'm giving up a room that's perfect with heating/cooling for one without, a bit cold atm. But it's closer to the station, still near my dancing tram, and cheaper rent (not that the last place was an issue). Though this place doesn't have a cleaner, someone essential to my life, and yet no one knows his name. Do cleaners know how appreciated they are even if no one talks to them, makes eye contact or ever say thanks?

With a new location and atmosphere we have new inspiration! Posts on compact living, lavander/jasmine 

Lab partner came over to help me clean and do the sheets, something that requires re-configuring the entire room, to have the space too. Not very motivating, I change my sheets weekly, and here in this 2.5 x 3m space it's going to be a struggle. 

Coming from the city the last town we lived in I considered small. There was no shopping center just a main street but we had the movies, both supermarkets (uphill and downhill), Target, Witchery, T2 and Kikki k to name a few. Also lots of expensive restaurants and a couple great lunch specials. Turns out that wasn't small.

THIS is small. Main street is one and a half blocks, local businesses, no Coles/Safeway just an overpriced IGA (but aren't they always overpriced?) a few decorative stores and the station. Also a lot of pet stores, lots of dogs and prams in the area. 

So where does everyone go, for shopping/dinning? The next town over. Student town but with nice places too, like Huxtaburger and Fonda! And you know what? Deliveroo services this area!! I can't wait to have burgers delivered to the house!

We were going to Hux for dinner, but google said they close at 11pm when they actually closed at 10pm. Also google said we can walk it, housemates say cut through the park. Girls alone in the park at night is a horrendously bad idea! So we took the train. There aren't many street lights between the house and station... 

Dinner ended up being at McD, where I mistakenly thought they do table service, you know, like on the ad? Nope. Sticky dirty tables that aren't wiped down in between customers. Lab partner worked in hospitality and understands, while I expected better. 

The fish for filet-o-fish wasn't even centered, and his big mac only had stuff in the middle and not peaking out over the edges. 


We crashed, though did go out in the evening. Jugg Life. We loved it! A memorizing juggling show involved an endurance test, hoops that glow, batons and even a drum! It's a show for the whole family! 

Then we saw the concert for Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo & Juliet. Lots of girls and boys dressed up as Juliet, but no Romeo? Plenty of masks too.  

Regrets not cosplaying? None. Good luck sitting down with those wings.
It's loud. Screaming fan girls... 'Young Hearts Run Free' with Mercutio along with 'Kissing You' is what we're here to see or hear.

What's wrong with my phone camera? It sucks in the source of light like the anti-vampire. It has always been like this, so I thought it was default. Should have asked earlier before warranty expired 3mths ago... Turns out there's moisture inside the camera, selfies in the bathroom the tech guy suggests? XD No, probably the stream from food.


Sunday lunch, spanned across almost 2.5hrs at Fitzroy Social. We had a great time, even if we barely spoke, and father decided to tell us about a girl he liked (he was very popular back in the day, and even now mother says). It's hilarious how they both reckon they're out of each others' league, but then life was a game of partner up and they were the last two standing.

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