Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) 2016 @ Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday 2nd September

Has anyone seen these flowers in store? I'd love to get crafty with them!

I think we're early, look at that, a rare glimpse of daylight. Alas a grey day.

MSFW, the Hub seems to have shrunken each year with less activities and show on. There's a massage lounge (machine), touch up bar (lips/lashes), some photo ops and an gelato bar. Gone are the flatlay comps and free coffee. 

VIP Drinks! Photo ops and touch ups.

This year the Alannah Hill runways was the last one, to conclude the free runway series rather than being on during lunchtime last year, with great lighting. The stage is also on the other side and a theatre style stage at the front, rather than typical runway. Hence we couldn't get any pictures, unlike last year.

Not instores yet, just a preview.

I do like this one, no I'm not sure where I'd wear it. Not practical for dancing/bag straps...

This is very nice!

Almost show time... lines were about an hour. I preferred the lunch time slot.

The view, usher I need a cushion please!

So what's in this year? Sheer dresses with huge panties underneath, no slips. Also belt-ish collar necklaces. Hmm... not a fan. Though there were some nice prints and lots of beading. I'm not too impressed with the sheer dresses and granny panties. And I'm sure most respectable places won't let you in - unless they have a pool.

Backstage. As usual most runways feature the no bra look. What's with that?

Lace turnover socks are in, but paired with slippery heels? The white bow I love!

Messina was around, not usually in the city unless it's a pop-up. $5 a scoop, the usual price. After the show Mecca was swamped though there wasn't really anything to do. So we left. I felt like there was a lot of potential for activities though there has been a decreasing trend over the years.

Excuse the lighting, we really wanted to eat that macaron :P Inside the showbag... a bunch of vouchers, a bangle (we still have some from last year) and a candle from Kevin Murphy! We love candles, and the next house permits them!

Did you visit the Hub this year? What did you think of it?

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