Book vs Film - The Help @ Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Help

We're reading 'The Help' at the moment with a dictionary on the table, looking up words occasionally. Though some aren't in there like 'silver pattern' the design of the silver, like those fancy cutlery.

I don't often eat at the table let alone carry around fancy silverware with me! Though back home mother's silver pattern is 'Old Master, Towle'. And we had a nanny who did the cooking and raised the children. While I know that there are lots of women who work full time, do the housework, cook and raise the children it sounds absolutely overwhelming and too much for one person!!

Do you have a silver pattern?

Within a week we finished 'The Help' which we bought last week. It's a very big book, my usual books require 3 × 8hr blocks but this one was a lot more than that. Haven't read a book this thick since Harry Potter.

I felt like it was better to read it after watching the movie to visualize the characters, hear their voices and see that fabulous 50s fashion. Though really with a good book all this should come from within the text.

The pie reveal I felt didn't keep me hooked as it dragged out. I much preferred it in the movie, short and sweet. Though it still is a vehicle for what the girls need. In the film it's hilarious.

The one part of the book I thought was odd was the nutcase that showed up in Miss Celia's yard. That scene seemed so misplaced. If the author wanted to show Celia's strength she could have done something less odd IMO. So glad that part was left out in the film.

In the book Constantine was fired because her daughter acted white (above her station) because she looked white (C's father was white). C had to give up her daughter because she was more white then black. Making the mother's behaviour/reason for firing her justified. Meanwhile in the film it's because C's daughter acted out of line by using the side door, and then the ladies lunch group (her peers) pressured Skeeter's mom to fire C. She looked sorry which made her a more sympathetic character, and an influence on Skeeter's character, whose attitudes and believes are ahead of her time.

After the toilet incident Skeeter was socially isolated, though it isn't an emphasized in the film, her relationship with Stuart is given a fast forward to shift the spotlight to the book she's writing.

The film is definitely worth a watch after reading the book. For the fashion, Celia's Monroe style and the story. Read the book first as it has more details, and ties up all the loose ends. There's plenty of familiar faces too. 

The Fashion - We love the fit & flare of the 50s! Gloves, hats and heels. Hilly's prints are as big and loud as any Queen Bee, while in contrast side kick Elizabeth is more soft spoken and a beta, demonstrated by her more pastel colours. Skeeter isn't as fashion conscious and more conservative, she dresses like she works. Meanwhile Celia sports a head-turning figure hugging Monroe style that we love!

Set in Jackson, Mississippi there's some lovely sets like Skeeter's parents house.

It's a beautiful story with unexpected heart warming friendships.

Have you read the book or seen the movie? What were your thoughts?

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