Coughing Up Canapes @ Tuesday, September 20, 2016

These last couple weeks we've been very sick, can't stop coughing! The record is 12 per minute, they come in sets of 3-4 and being asleep doesn't stop them. Nothing does. We ended up coughing up food/drinks and sleeping sitting. 

Wednesday 7th September

Across the bridge for a concert then a stop by the barre, where the strings were hanging out. I don't recall why we went to the bar... oh yeah, to look for vanilla gin ice cream, but it turned out to be a once off collaboration. Also cold things, including air, smoothies and ice cream makes me cough.

Thursday saw us take a trip to Eastland for a book launch in a warehouse-esque space but with curtained walls and very comfy lounges. Sparkling and vodka with  canapes floated about, under a horizontal display of magnolias. Marble platters, are they as heavy as I think? Yep. Real marble is heavy. There was a very waiter, though bio guy said please don't hit on anyone who is paid to serve you. Damn. How do people meet people?

Friday - When you're introduced to someone and they latch on, sharing their thesis on a topic they hate while judging others in your ear. Feel free to judge but keep it to yourself. We just met, this is not a good impression you're making.
Her: Could she be wearing anymore lipstick? *girl wearing lipstick looks fine*
Me: Could you, cause there ain't a speck of make-up on you.

We went to a fashion show, showcasing new/student designers, mainly in high school with the exception of one girl. Being partly aboriginal is very in these days, and she's that. Influenced by her heritage she paints on silk and makes it in clothing. It's all about the backstory. She also has a mumager. 

This week's feels: Too sick to function, it hurts to be alive. Even in sleep I don't feel any better, been coughing non-stop for days. 


Turnadot. Why is it that the main girl is never on the poster? Instead it's some ethnic model who fits into the setting? Turnadot was pretty amazing, and we can tick that off the list. Not live, but in some ways better, on screen. More angles and close ups, always looking at the right part of the stage where the action is. 

In between movies we didn't feel like walking back to the house, despite being just up the hill, so went out for dinner. There aren't any notable places in the area, other than Meat & Wine Co. though that's definitely out of our budget. With only weeks to go before we move we've got a check list of things to do/eat in the local area. 

We were going to go to a Japanese place hoping to get bentos when we stumbled upon 'Melati' which someone had told me about recently, along with where it was located. I have no sense of direction and so was delighted to discover it so close by! In between my current boarding house and the dance studio, right next to the tram stop too.

The next movie, still at the local cinemas was 'Captain Fantastic' a father raises his six kids in the wild, living in a giant teepee, growing and hunting their own food. He's a communist. The mother in rehab/hospital dies and they have to leave the wild and go join the real world, where grandpa questions his parenting skills. We thought it was a pretty good movie, mainly fun and happy though with a bit of sad and chance for development. Spoiler: In the end they move into a cottage like house, and still seem to grow their own food. The kids go to school, and I wonder how they're going to survive that. As I was home schooled till middle school, and once you survive that you can survive anything. 

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