Wise Words Wednesday @ Wednesday, September 21, 2016

By the 1920s, Tibetan society was rapidly changing and new foreign influences were affecting people's lifestyle and habits. Fashionable people began to adopt western style dresses and cigarettes had become popular. Not open to all modernizing trends, the Dalai Lama banned the import of tobacco and the customs office was ordered to seize all cigarettes and tobacco. 

The Dalai Lama also banned aristocrats from wearing Western style dress, especially when attending government meetings and functions. He forbade ostentatious displays of wealth and the wearing of expensive jewellery by aristocratic ladies, saying that doing so created unnecessary jealousy and rivalry among the people. - Funny though how that's exactly how marketing works. Also china, it's all about the labels. I've seen a tourist head to toe in Chanel (from cap to shoes & socks). XD 

He also issued an order banning the slaughtering of animals in Tibet, which, if it had been fully implemented, would have prevented Tibetans from eating meat.

Tibet sounds like quite a simple and peaceful way to live... if it weren't for all the conflict and frequent domination from the neighbour who's a bully.

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