VFNO 2016 @ Monday, September 05, 2016

Friday 26th September

The launch of Spring and the social season arrives with Vogue's Fashion Night Out which also celebrates the start of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, a week's worth of shows at city square and town hall with industry events, high teas and millinery workshops. 

Deception. Or rather a warning, picture doesn't match what you'll get would be nice. And so without that in mind at 5pm we found ourselves at The Strand in line. For a donut from all-day-doughnuts, but it wasn't the one pictured at all... it was good, but if we had known it was not the one pictured then we'd have gone to Doughnut Time at David Jones instead. Disappointment of the week. 

Not being a disappointment was our abilities to read the fine print! The Edited Daily had a claw machine! We love the claw! Being the one who did actually read the details we were the first there! And won! With help that is!! We won a monogrammed card holder in beige. Not my colour (I prefer bk/navy) we gave it to a friend. 

He wanted his initials as it would look more professional, but when your name is four letters and that's the limit we're going with that. Plus there's nothing professional about a beige card holder for a guy. Looks like the gf got it in the colour she wanted. I am not loving the beige/natural/peach/nude skin tones for anything really, I especially hate those colours as bridesmaid dresses.

Love those flowers and the consistency of the brand!

You get one shot with the claw, and if you don't win a card holder or keyring you still get a tub of fairy floss by Fluffe! Birthday Cake flavour it smells like a donut! Lines were about 30mins long by the time my +1 decided he wanted a shot... you've got to be kidding me, we were here with no line before! Flying solo is how I prefer it as people slow me down, I need want someone who can keep up.

The Card Holder - In Nude

Thanks for the fairy floss Review! There were a few guys who had the nerve to step into the shop :P A girl going into a guy's shop is normal, but vice versa is rare.  

Alannah Hill - When the outside looks great, but we know you bought it from the supermarket. Pretty on the outside crap on the inside, could this be a representation of girl world and the beauty/fashion industry? Beautiful promises to what a product does, but they never deliver. Should have ordered from Cupcake Central like everyone else.

Working on my styling skills, something is amidst in this one, too flat? Not enough stuff?

Oroton had free donuts, well they looked like donut but were actually donutty cakes! Just like the ones from Cupcake Central in a collab with Dessert Parlour! There was a blue one that matched my Kikki K Notebook too! Free coffee, cause sparkling is overrated on events like these. To conclude the night we had a smoothie, the only healthy thing we had tonight, for there was lots of drinks and candy, but healthy stuff not so much. 

There was lots going on, mainly sales and free drinks/fairy floss, also workshops (activities e.g. hair, nails, make-up) but lines were long. We had a plan, but it didn't go to plan, as by 7.30pm the events at DJs were winding down and there were no donuts, ice cream or giveaways, as advertised (that only happened right at the start). Also T&Cs weren't online so a lot of the activities required a purchase ($60+).

While things were wrapping up by 7.30pm at the women's side of David Jones there were still things happening on the men's side. That arcade basketball game, I like it but can barely see the hoops... that's ok, while you didn't win you get a prize for trying. Yay! There was also beer, and a cycle smoothie station. Once again we struggled due to height, this time with the petals. Outside there was a hair station, and more fairy floss, blue, but lines were long and we'd gone way over the sugar limit and needed real food. Missing sliders and savory canapes. 

A picture we took for a competition. It was a struggle, till I realized it matched a creation by Monet! We couldn't shoot it on the board as it would have looked massive, and I didn''t have any models available. How do you take a classy picture of underwear?

Update - I won!  

That moment when everything matches! 

Overall a crowded and early night. Worth going? Probably not unless you were in the area or after something. I always have a wishlist so I know what to buy when there's a sale/promo.

Did you go shopping on VFNO?

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