Four Seasons of Revenge with Emily @ Wednesday, October 26, 2016

S04E10. A fitting end to Daniel. After a season of being a d**k, he's improving and regaining his conscience like before he got into the Grayson game. Just as he was changing, naturally the perfect time for him to be killed off, to make it sad. He was shot, by the hitman Victoria sent for Emily. A fitting end that it was his family that got him killed, and especially as he shot Emily and died trying to make amends and save her. I suppose he died a hero-ish in a way.

Season 4 sees the return of David. In a way it would have been best to end at the end of season 3, with Conrad dead, David alive and Victoria in rehab. But then there's the question of David, why is he alive and in hiding? Which is what season 4 explores. 

With the return of David comes FBI Agent Kate. Kate is evil, her father is the new big bad and held David in captivity ever since his death was faked. Kate is sent to tie up loose ends, David who escaped. But Victoria knows she a double agent and sends her after Emily, resulting in Daniel's death in an act to protect Emily, and Jack kills Kate. 

Killing Kate even with Nolan faking all the evidence and misdirecting the bad guys, brings out Malcom Black, unlike Conrad who often has others do his bidding, is a typical crime show big bad boss who runs a gang out of a compound. 

Ben is Emily's +1 this season, a good cop who gets killed off helping her. He's kinda cute. Pre-cop he was a porn star on Major Crimes. :P 

It's always fun to connect the dots, Revenge does have a few guests. Here are some of our favourites ^. The last guy, I can't recall where I've seen him before.

That evil guy from Forever was the last link to 'The Initiative' after Victoria killed Helen to protect Daniel. Conrad later says that it was just a group of businessmen looking to profit, and create events that would create inflation. Well that was kinda empty, and that threat quickly ended. We felt like there should be more, like LOCSAT in Castle, the ultimate evil guy. But at the same time Emily's main target was Victoria and the other threats needed to be eliminated.

One of our favourite characters who's much more recent than this show is Jessica Pearson! Victoria's rival for her throne with her "friends", and also her mother-in-law, though not one that lasts. For Jessica ain't a lawyer in this series.

The game is reset. With Victoria as the only Grayson, left almost penniless, she is still a threat. But end the new villain, Malcolm Black who's after David & Co. His daughter the hitman Kate, killed Daniel, and Jack killed her. The story takes a new turn, that can only result in an increase in the body count. 

Charlotte loses her innocence and mind after Conrad get killed off, daddy's little girl. Typical rich girl problem, she does drugs and that makes her a bit irration, though she herself becomes more grown up and scheming, less team Demily and more Dango.

Margo is Daniel's new girl this season, a magazine editor she loves turning heads with her hairstyles throughout the season. Her style change was fast unlike Nolan's. You can tell which season it is from his hair.

Nolan's Hair - Please sir, may I have some more?

Season 4 seeing Nolan acquiring a new friend, with more than one type of asset. Louise, a Southern Girl met Victoria where Emily sent her at the end of season 3. This girl hallucinates, innocent and easily manipulate she's team Vicky till she sees the truth. We felt that she was a bit of a side story with a very loud personality and voice. 

Along the way between Charlotte and the fake kidnapping, and her being high and trying to kill Emily and burn down Jack's bar, he became a cop for the same reason Toby (PLLs) does, to protect others. But the system is always corrupt. It's a game of chess.

A Game of Two Queens

We loved the parties and fashion! Those lux invitations are what we aspire to have at our events (as an events planner, not hostess). Though it's a dream to host the annual Halloween party with a theme. Season 1's final ep. ends with the 'Fire & Ice Ball' where Victoria sends everyone their outfits (hence the shades all match), how rich do you have to be to do that? Or do you charge it to their cc? White and pearls is always in and we love Louise & Emily's style!

Set in the Hampton's there's some great sets, including Nolan's modern home (that Emily bought him) and of course the Grayson Mansion. The way the residing queen styles it, and the fabulous parties hosted there. Victoria has a french provincial Martha Stuart feel while Emily later on redecorates giving it a modern feel. Making it more trendy and less like a magazine.

It could have ended at season 3 with Vicky sent to rehab, Grayson killed by David and the Grayson children on a bender, but it goes on. David's been hiding out in a cottage in the woods, the same one in the Mentalist. Did anyone else notice that?

With many victims, though White Gold was a strange addition to the cast... Some characters had to die for the plot to go on, anyone who dates Emily will be killed off as she ultimately needs to end up with her childhood friend Jack. Amanda's death was the most devastating, other than Daniel, as he was just about to change. Hence perfect timing to cut him off.

As we hoped onto the Revenge boat years after it was over high quality pics are a bit harder to find. This one's from season 1, you can tell what season it is from Nolan's hair. XD

Season 3 - Enter Aden, Emily's accomplice. 

That chair... we add need a throne of our own.

Victoria's story was an amazing one, self-made with a bit of help, killer networking skills to get to the very top and become Hampton's Queen. Was there character development for her? Not really, though while ruthless and cunning she always looked out for her family, even if it meant sabotaging them.

The end saw friendships strengthened after struggles. Jack and Margo were friends though Margo was a big bad and on Team Vicky, while Jack was Team Emily. Jack shaved! Like Toby (PLLs) he became a cop to help his friends, though thanks to corruption that was a challenge. Jack's mom turned out to be alive, Stevie Grayson aka the first Mrs Grayson that Vicky stole Conrad from. Season 4 saw Nolan gain a friend who wasn't Emily, Louise from the South, she was obsessed with Victoria and was used by her though ultimately saw the light. A fabulous friend and pawn. Emily's mom Karen was never heard of again after she left.

Emily got the guy! They have a small wedding and she gifts him a new Labrador, as Sammy died (of old age) earlier on. In the first episode Sammy is how they meet. Things are as they should be, but I can't help but miss the old Daniel, before he found his ex and changed. But then he had to die to punish Vicky...

 Emily gets her dad back but only for a short time, as he's sick. So he dies, but behold it turns out she's the niece of Marvel's Agent Carter. With ninja skills she fits right in, but at the same time isn't in the same league as Peggy.

My favourite couple! Pre-crazy ex-girl friend meeting days. Back when he was innocent.

Have you seen Revenge? Who was your favorite couple?

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