Thursday 13th October

Pho Dzung has pictured a very cursive/squiggly font and it takes googling 'richmond pho' to get the name of the place. After our last experience with asian food (fly's leg in the food) we were iffy, but we're ready to give it another shot!

A big clean looking interior with mirrors that ran the length of both walls, the set up reminded me of another Vietnamese eatery we'd been to in Springvale. 

An easy to read menu complete with pictures! The menu was laminated and reasonable clean, displayed in an easy to read way complete with pictures. It featured rice noodles (pho/udon noodles) and egg noodles (stir fry/wonton noodles).

Would you like to start with spring rolls or rice paper rolls?
This is the first place I've ever been to that suggested an entree instead of drinks, though this happened as we were handed the drinks menu. 

Noodles came in three sizes, with the bowls displayed on the wall like all/most pizza places. Does small and medium look the same to you?

That classic bowl shaped menu on the wall, does anyone actually read them up there?

Four Colour Drink $3.50

Mung bean, red kidney bean, agar jelly, coconut milk

I've seen this drink in the window of many asian places, premade, all they do to serve is add coconut milk and mix it up. I've also seen all the ingredients sold in a DIY kit which I'm keen on trying next time I'm in town.

It was refreshing creamy but light with lots of texture. I love all things coconut! The red kidney bean was a bit on a contrast to the drink, an interesting one, for while it was moist it was dry on the inside in a starchy way.

We both ordered the medium priced at $10, I had the rare beef while he had the braised beef, though really wanted bone marrow, which they didn't have (he's a bone broth fan).

Served with a side of fresh thai basil, lemon wedges, bean sprouts. There was chili oil and hoi sin sauce as usual. The story of jas being discriminated against is a classic when we have pho, though lab partner was indifferent, growing up in an asian town where discrimination was common for the minority. 

When it comes to pho we assess a couple things including quantity, quality and most importantly the flavours of the broth and backbone of the dish itself. This one was perfect! Not an msg laden broth, but one with the perfect balance of flavours especially with a squeeze of (half) a lemon. There was a generous amount of beef, all very thinly cut minimal fat (preferred).

How do I eat it? A bit at a time, moving it into a small bowl to cool faster. Spaghetti twirl some noodle onto a spoon, then top off with beef dipped in hoi sin sauce (use the sauce plate).

It was the best pho I've had in ages, and luckily for us there's another branch in the city!

Service was prompt, with the exception of the drink which arrived half way through the meal. I also didn't like how the waiter was dressed, in sandals and causally, that he appeared at home. 

We'll be back for the same two things I ordered! We're surprised they weren't more busy on a Thursday night been very close to the city, though we did have an early dinner. I'd imagine on Friday/Saturday they'd be very busy!

Tip - Don't order the coconut juice (not water, juice + sugar) as you can get it for around $1.20-1.80 half frozen from the asian shops around, the groceries. Also note that it's a lot sweeter and more artificial than our coconut water, but I love them both!

Where's your go to place for pho?

Pho Dzung Tan Dinh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Anonymous Josh said... on November 05, 2016 11:31 PM  

Pictures on menus, and bowl sizes displayed. Why don't all places do this!?!?

Blogger Charlie Daniels said... on November 07, 2016 2:44 AM  

Because it's more fun as a lucky dip on what you get :P

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