Everyone Hates the White Queen @ Saturday, October 22, 2016

Paranoia steamed from possibly guilt and jealous runs with the Neville girls. Everyone hates the queen for having such a large family (she had 12 children, her mother 14). Also because the king favors her instead of following the king maker, his cousins' plans for him.

Anne the younger Neville who outlives her sister tells the story from the third point of view, her own. The first was Elizabeth Woodville (the white queen, of york), the second Margaret Beauford (the red queen, house of Lancaster, Henry Tudors' mother) and third Anne Neville. Three key plays in the game of war.

Anne unlike Marg isn't religious aside from going to chapel often (as required). As a child she follows the footsteps of her sister and mother, always in fear of stepping on their train. Though she ultimately becomes queen and becomes more paranoid as the story goes with sister Isabel's influence and major paranoia.

Anne hates the queen and rightly so, for she sees that the queen has good fortunes against the natural order of things (commoner marries king) also the family is pretty.
But it isn't as petty as in Margs head, it's fully explained why.
She is a survivor, switching sides in battle, being on the losing side, father killed, mother abandoning her and seeking refuge. But unlike most people at court or in high status, she gets lucky and marries her childhood friend Richard the Third for love. There's a couple nice scenes with them, mainly the proposal.

Who killed the princes in the tower? Marg and Anne wanted then dead, Anne hinted this to the  Constable of the Tower aka head warden Robert Brackenbury, and he made it happen. Richard got the blame but never intended to kill them, only to take their crown by declaring they're barstards as their father, Edward was already married to someone else before Elizabeth Woodville.

After the death of their own son and only child, Anne and Richard become distant-er and Anne goes into depression not giving a damn. Richard isn't into his niece but pretends to be to lower her value as a bargain tool with Henry Tudor (she however does have a thing for him, so perhaps he lied to the wife). By dressing her as his mistress in the same fine silks as his wife Anne. Who's too depressed to care, a huge development/underdevelopment from the girl who loved her furs.

At 28 she has lived and is tired. Ready to die for she has nothing, but wealth. Anne is barren and with that she doubts whether her husband is playing a game or is actually courting his niece. But doesn't really care. Her only child is dead.

I liked that Anne knew she was dying so tied up loose ends, asked for answers to questions she had for some time though not dared to ask.

A lunar eclipse. 1485 marks Anne's passing. Good timing as she has nothing to live for and is spared from having to endure lose of the only person in her life left, her husband.
In the end the evil queen she always feared, Team Marg Anjou won. Lancaster won. It was all for nothing, but a good time when the children were young before King Edward died.
But Anne understood this and was at peace.

She was outlived by her mother. Though lost her sister, father and son. And her husband a few months after she died.Sounds like she died of a broken heart/depression and peacefully but in truth she died from tb (tuberculosis).

The Three Queens

Marg B lives on, her story goes until the battle where Richard is the last king to die defending his crown in battle. The White Queen works from behind the scenes to support Henry Tudor, as it will make Princess Elizabeth a queen just as her mother was. Though the dowager queen no longer lives at court, and Marg rules through her son.

The Red Queen (Margaret Beaufort), barely interacts with Anne other than a minor act of carrying her train at coronation. While Elizabeth Woodville always looked down upon Anne blaming the Neville for her father's murder by Warwicks hand, Anne often thinks of her in awe and jealousy. 

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