Pho-sure this was a busy week! @ Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monday 10th October

Struggling to adult. Can someone please send me a guide on how to avoid scammers and spammers while applying for jobs? There was a fake info harvesting listing, and they sold my info... Hence I won't be picking up the phone for unknown numbers for a while.

We went dancing. A small class tonight, no morman. We miss morman monday quotes. 


9am meetings, followed by a productive session at my desk. No time for a nap today, as we were off to the city to get things done! First up a luncheon. I kinda don't like people, something that I find irritating is: married friends. One cannot go anywhere without the other. Sure if it's a trivial night, no if it's a work event. My +1 decided to invite her +1, now they didn't exclude me or anything, but we did talk about that. And this time my +1 wasn't mother, she brings +5 at least, the whole tribe. 

Spoke to jas about that, he said don't invite married people. He is my only not married friends (the gov says no to gay marriage here), but I know he's not saying don't pick them, pick me, like sales people. He's saying just go alone. But I need someone to hold it while I take a picture!

Lunch at Naughty Nuri's.

Running errands, questions and picking up stuff, scanning (f**k it didn't save!!), returning lib books then off to a meeting over dinner. Keeping it light we had rice paper rolls, too much vermicelli not enough protein as usual. Over to the chemist then back to the theatre. 

Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face: An Apocalyptic Musical, was the show of the week. A hilarious comedy about the end of the world, an apocalyptic party, and zombies! .
Thoughts? I'm confused about the ending... but other than that I quite liked it and definitely recommend it! Catchy tunes, thoughtful lyrics and hilarious songs, it's a hit!


Wednesday night we made the trip to Port Melbourne to Noom Duck, next to the Spirit on Tasmainia. A windy week meant it was freezing outside and too cold to get an up close shot of the trip.

Inside it was warmer though, with an open bar and evening spent chasing canapes it was also challenging to take pictures. I can't imagine a cocktail wedding going well unless there's tons of food.

Soon we found ourselves for dinner at Grill'd. Our first option would have been 'The Beach' but the kitchen was closed by the time we got there. On Wednesdays the deal has changed from $15 fish & chips or steak to, BOGOF on mains.


In the afternoon we made a trip up to Abbotsford/Richmond to hunt for lamps and heaters. Like a printer in stores the ink/bulb comes separately. And I have no concepts of wattage and all.

Being one of the red goodwills most of the stuff wasn't that cheap as I'd expected. I saw a glass bubble I really liked but it was about 50% retail at $13. Around the nick knacks section we found a few touristy soveiners.

What we bought amounted up to around $15. Candle holders, containers, a tray, bag of ribbons, teacup (with a huge handle), glass jar (hello terrarium!) and rubber duckies. The macaroons (pretty rubbers, no one ever uses) and marble contact are from Kmart.

Victoria St, main street is known for Vietnamese restaurants including bakeries like Nhu Lan, with quick and cheap food. We have been avoiding asian food since our last encounter see this post (link) why. But tonight we took a risk on Pho Dzung.


I love sushi and bentos like others love burgers, though we don't visit Sushi T... enough. One the cheapest sushi joints I know of, at a constant $2 a roll while these days everyone else is charging $2.50-3.50 a roll.

Tip - The Tamagoyaki, sweet omelette is my favourite and considered the dessert sushi! You can also order freshly made ignari (by request only) before 3pm.

Dinner with Freud, but first entrees out east at Fitzroy Social. $1 Happy Hour Tapas, buffalo wings were a bit drier and with less sauce compared to when we had them at Father's Office. The mushroom and pumpkin aranchini rice balls were nice though, though could have used a spicy mayo based sauce to add some zing to it. 

Mains at Rice Workshop, fairly average. That salad needs to be dressed.


Met the same girl as last week, you look familiar... but I don't recall where I know you from. My social skills aren't the best. We saw an ice skating show, street latin on ice. It was good though nothing like 'Disney on Ice' which was amazing!

Today we took out the trash, it was absolutely disgusting, I was sweating and needed a shower after that. *shudders* I also sprayed myself in perfume and the trash with air freshener. We took many breaks in the process. Clearly we have never done this before. Why didn't we take the bins out last night? Scary movie, the grudge/ring girl. Heard branches scarping against the window, there are no trees near the window. It was 3am.  


Sick again. Post exam stress sick. Yep, that's how stressful taking out the trash was. And we had help, and took breaks. Most people go out and do stuff on weekends, but we prefer weeknights. Obviously we don't work, though I am looking. It's challenging to find a paid job when all the first year jobs are now unpaid internships. Why pay for something you can get for free? The demand for experience is high so you'll get your pick of the lot.

Are you a creative who gets asked for free work often? 

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