New Girl & A Quiche Breakfast @ Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monday 26th September

9am meetings. After half a decade of afternoon and night classes the struggle is real. Throughout college I got up early/at a normal time only a couple times, for a breakfast x ballet event, and also a Nespresso x Donna Hay event. 

We've just moved houses (last Friday) and so after lunch one of the girls showed me around town. And by town I mean we checked out the next town over, because main street doesn't have much. 

On the way we came across a mutant lemon tree, small football sized lemons! And the house didn't actually ever pick them. We love neighbours with fruit trees, who don't actually harvest them. These lemons, they're like golf-tennis sized inside with lots of the white useless part, but the zest. So much zest! I like them freeze it. 

Over in the next town we came across three+ Review dresses at good will for $40-50! Some brand new with tags!! Alas they were size 8 and so we actually saved a lot of money there, by not buying them. 

Huxtaburger was across the road, where we stopped for ice cream. A new addition to the menu. How was it? Average and nothing remarkable. There were vanilla bean specks but it tasted like cheap white coles ice cream. That's the base and then there's a selection of toppings. The salted caramel was pretty generic stuff. I like the idea, but I would have expected more. I'd just stick to the burgers here. Skip the crinkly supermarket chips too.

Kenny Tran was the asian bakery in town, I miss those Vietnamese bread rolls. It was average, bland unmarinated chicken with a strange combo of veggies. Like Jenny's it's nothing like Nhu Lan, and I'm quite convinced that you need to go to an asian area to get the good ones. 

Back to the house, we had a nap and sadly missed dancing. There is no doubt that I can't function without an afternoon nap these days. How do normal people do it?


Pancakes for brunch, not photos worthy... but I did make caramelized bananas and strawberry fans. Pictured is a pavlova one of the girls made, on a different day. After pancakes a nap followed. Then off to the other side of the city for the Fringe Festival.

  • Love Onion - The idea is nice but it didn't work due to the audience size of six. We need a full room, not just a row. 
  • Islamfascist  - Was funny, like christians/catholics there are so many types of muslims... and it turns out not all are crazy hardcore ones, that we Americans hate. Most just pray, not eat pork/drink and wear a headscarf. They get upset about things but don't really do anything about it, like most people?
  • The Moth - 5 minute stories, on the theme of loss. The winner? CSI guy who says he lost his humanity on the job, seeing all that blood and guts gets to you and you become desensitized. But he realized he didn't want to be like that. Also I'm certain psychos are created like that. XD Dexter I'm looking at you. 


My room is a study by the kitchen. By 8am the light is crazy bright, and being by the kitchen means the noise does help me get up. My room faces the direction in which the sun rises. Which means that most of the time the lighting is fantastic for photos! If this was my house, this room would be my studio.

This is pretty impressive, though of course highly customized.

As we have very limited room I shoot on the bed, and have my giant ikea chopping board often with coloured paper on top as the background. The board also makes a good desk, as it's still winter and with no heating it's freezing! Working in bed it's very warm, though I'm not sure how the posture is working out, as I always end up with a sore back. 

After surviving eight seasons a main guy was killed off, not even dramatically. He was up against Brenda for the same position a "rival and in-house adversary", which he got as she left (because her mom died). But the way he died, wasn't worthy of a character who had lasted that long.


Meeting, lunch and a half day trip was the plan for today. Yes we ran behind because I got lost, not once, but twice (took the tram/train in the opposite direction).

Lunch at Kopan, with my fellow totally unemployed and not studying lunch buddy, bio guy aka lab partner. This time I had the beef udon ($12) and he had the Sukiyaki $11 while I had the udon. Well marinated beef sprinkled with herb particles atop springy udon noodles with a side of spinach sitting in a hearty broth full of flavour. It was absolutely delicious! Three simple elements made into an all-time favourite! I'd get this again and recommend it!

After lunch we trammed over and up to Ikea! Every few months they restyle their sets/rooms. I'd like to live here, there's compact but fancy living. Jewel tones, mirrors, lights and use textiles can turn drab into fab!

I do like Ikea's soft serve, it's very vanilla and so much better than McDonalds!

At Ikea we picked up a few things including what I thought was a toy but turned out to be a huge bag charm. First came fluffy bunny tail-like pompoms, and now an entire bunny itself. So perfectly fluffy and comparable to my Lucy (Bunny) I just had to have it! The boys were O.o and suggested it was real fur. No... but research says yes?!

Kopenhagen Fur makes them, they're trending in Singapore but not here, I haven't seen them before. Made of mink?...

We love those asian homeware shops! They're a great source of cheap homewares, things for parties and fake flowers! I saw some stunning realistic high quality tulips, sadly they were $18 so we didn't buy them.


A three day weekend! That by the end felt like had gone way too quick!

A sorcerer appeared at the steps wearing a floor length coat made up of many patches of leather, some with an old duct tape appearance. Below the coat he wore red and carried a skull umbrella, with ruby eyes gleaming. Oddly he wore a canvas satchel, which was a bit too modern to go with the rest of the outfit.

Five sisters, 1950s... the era with fear of the atomic bomb and communists! A love for quiche unites them for a comedy drama. With thick Midwest accents, white collared dresses and fabulous hair, it's a show not to miss!

When it's so hot your nose waters. A spontaneous outing for dinner, because the microwave is backstage, meaning there's slim windows of opportunity to use it between shows.

KL Bunga Raya was full tonight of show goers, as with events is tourism. The event brings people to town and with that more activity than usual.

Combo Laksa $10

I could smell the coconut as it arrived within minutes of ordering. Plenty of toppings, with fish cake, prawns and chicken. The tofu absorbed the hot and spicy broth, though the eggplant, sweet and soft was the real highlight. A hearty broth perfect for winter nights and perfectly priced as a cheap eat at $10. The serving size is just right too if you're hungry, though not huge. Seated at the foot of the stairs we could feel the vibrations everyone someone walked by, which was often with the kitchen at the back. Service was minimal and prompt and friendly.


Natalie Harris's Good Grief explores the six stages of grief. A tribute show to her father, a beautiful story. Though at the same I can't imagine reliving it each night!

Tudor Rose - 6 Queens, six songs. Lap dance. Harnesses (very in along with collars and wearing lingerie as outerwear atm). It was ok, didn't make a lot of sense to me, but she can sing!

Tonight we say goodbye to the Fringe, until next year. We saw awesome shows, ok shows and "who approved this?!" shows. Our top picks: jugg life (juggling duo), Cosmonaut (comedy, bring friends, not your mother) and 5 Lesbians Eating Quiche (for everyone except nana - unless she's open minded).

Meanwhile in the world of sporting events (where Melbourne is the sporting capital) the one year I don't get membership the school's team wins. First time in a century? Cause they're known as that team that is always close to coming last. So many supporters you'd think it was in state team. Which it is in a way. Can you switch teams? Because they were never this popular.


Live from the Globe Theatre we saw 2002/2012's performance of 'The Taming of the Shew'. What a d**k! She should have killed him. Though at the same time considering women's roles, they haven't progressed that much from 1400s (House of York) to 1500s Elizabethan. Thy husband is still thy lord and it doesn't change for another few hundred years, not till WW1 and WW2 where women had to work and take care of themselves did roles evolve, with the key century being the 60s. 

  • The codpieces were funny XD Most historic drama leave them out these days.
  • Bianca wasn't as innocent as I recall, and her dress is quite Tudor-style.
  • I like the tune but not the words... Do you know of any similar songs?
  • Flashback to high school we saw the modern remake '10 Things I Hate About You' which we quite liked.
  • Guy who takes up on the challenge to tame Katherine. So I watched it a second time and when they first meet they have a moment. Could it be that they have a thing for each other?

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