Royal Melbourne Show 2015 - Part 2 @ Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 28th September

Another day at the show. Workshops ran much shorter than expected plus you need to be there 15mins before so we missed them all. Limited to 20. Not drop by during that time as we thought, which was implied. I traveled 2hrs for this!?

Next door there were lots of contest and competitions, one was a cupcake deco contest. Our favourite involved bunnies, strawberries and anything with pearl dust (wedding-esque).

The Menu

Afternoon tea in the cafeteria ran by the country women's association, where jas says they're all nice unlike bitchy competition city girls. Scones came with Chantilly cream and Australian raspberry jam. $3. They were perfect. Jas says they used to make their own jam and scones were $6 each, I think he was referring to a set of 2, but he doesn't think 

The pavlova was their best selling dessert and it was reasonable priced at $6 (something dessert isn't, hello $10 luxbite/b&p and restaurants with $12+ tiny desserts). It was perfect! Didn't taste eggy and every inch or rather mm of the top surface had cream on it. Best pavlova I've ever had!

I wished these ladies ran our school cafeteria, the prices were great! They did have lunch and dinner items too, not just afternoon tea and desserts. 

A cabbage flower outside the Masterchef Kitchen.

These dolls are quite popular at the moment, I've never seen them before... 
Freud says his mother had one as a child.

Oooh... fancy dressed Barbies (fake ones) I'd love to create outfits for them, fancy dress-ups. The last doll was the first and original Barbie doll. Last year they did a reprint and we got one at the original price of $3! 

A garden design contest, how fun it is to create a miniature world! But how would you maintain it? The colours will fade and there will be bugs...

5 for $10. One of the better showbags we bought. 

Mango, Coconut & Yuzu, Lychee Raspberry Dome, Green Tea Dome $10 each

Next we headed over to Bibelot with the standard $10 desserts, I think we're used to the prices that it seems almost normal now... Better make at least $30ph then. Perfect timing as they were closing in 15mins and had an end of day sale. 3 eclairs for $10 , dessert dome cakes (individual serves) for $5 (normally $10) and platters for $20 or 2 for $35. I'd like to get the later but it was too cumbersome to carry around all afternoon/evening without destroying it. 

I ordered the eclair. A couple seconds later it was sold out. My SA was not fast enough! I then order 4 domes, one of each but she gives me two of the same one! But the time I realize this it's too late and they're sold out. I don't handle "no" or variations very well. But I got a refund. That's the best they could do. Though I wanted the cake not a refund.

At $10 each jas says they're expensive. True but dessert and the city is expensive. Though I'm sure I've shared with you our favourite cheap but still great cake shop. They don't do fancy tubes or multilayered/element desserts, but they have all your cakes. Slices are $5-7 and serve two.    

I carried the cakes around with me all afternoon/evening and they didn't die - minus the part where I fell into them. 

So what happened was I was going downstairs and a guy and his girl was going up, I move to the side and he nudges me out of the way hard. And I fall. On top of the cake. My ass, hip and knee hurts. I've scarped the skin off my knee - and I was wearing stockings! And so the next 30mins or so was spent with first aid. The guy was cute which did help slightly, but I'm bruised and hurt. Also time is money and by sitting here I am not making the most of my time.

In theory when you push me over, I get up call you an a-hole and punch you in the face - hard. In practice I'm on the ground in a lot of pain. But my body wasn't what hurt the most. What hurt most was that le beau wasn't there, because he always defends me when I get attacked, he wouldn't have punched the guy (though I do sometimes wished he did :P) and would have force him to apologize.

Jam Doughnuts!

Dutch Pancakes - Jas loves these. 

I want to win a huge toy! 
But where will you put it?

There was a beautiful stall of angel things, though they were tourist prices.

Pre-dinner snack, yes my life is a series of snacks and a few meals :P. Cheese toastie! The only thing missing was le beau's homemade tomato soup which I love. Simply, quick and easy delights. But I don't have a grill at home.

Snack no.2 strawberries & cream $7 from Berry Delicious who I've seen around at events and always wanted to try. It was good but nothing amazing, you can make it at home. The best seller was choc dipped strawberries, large ones for $3 each on a skewer.

We shot fireworks again, but this time from the ground. This is the third time I've ever seen them live. I do live with a lot of fear which prevents me from doing things like horse riding and seeing fireworks irl - at the risk of being hit by one.

Did you go to the Royal Melbourne Show? What were your highlights?

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