Hello November. True Spring. @ Monday, November 07, 2016

Tuesday 1st November

The race that stops the nation goes for 2-3 minutes would you believe it? Who won? Who cares? *Work gasps* With the races themselves comes lots of other events to promote spending, everything from food/drinks to what to wear and all the beauty services. The races bring tourism and is something that will never change (the end or at least a change. Horses will die and get hurt).

With a day off we made pavlova with jas. Someone was saying at the supermarket they sell this egg thing with the mix in it and it makes it super easy to make! We'll have to check that out, have you used it?

While the one we made was good as wasn't as fluffy and magical as Chokolait and Green Refectory (our local cake shop this month). Chokolait's one is quite unique and rises up unlike any other, in the shape of a chiffon cake. 


Where did Monday go? It's Wednesday?!! No quote for morman monday. He was his boring old self. We haven't seen him in months and he hasn't gotten up to much since other than the awful monthly hair cut (almost army short). I had a awesome english teacher back home with the same hair. He said he'd given up on it and accepted baldness at age 40. He was also in the army.

K - What's wrong?
Me - All my friends are married or always busy. I'm the only one left.


Quote of the Day - If you're rich you're eccentric, if you're poor it's a mental illness. XD
Sensitivity training. Class-est but hilarious because later on someone would describe my style as such. With the headpieces (for any occasion not just the races) and brooches often all made by me.

Atop a city rooftop hosted by Deliveroo was a dinner party under the fairy lights, with giant gold speckled balloons, jewel toned deco and a beautifully laid table with white roses and the cutest mini pineapples! 

We were treated a preview of some of the dishes to be at the Taste of Melbourne later next week from Mamasita and Fancy Hank's BBQ. We love corn on the cob! Even better when it's on a skewer and easy to eat. Wet wipes essential.


Tonight we saw Nova's Wicked, arriving late due to the car being late we got there in time to meet the goat, and did not enjoy the show as we were too distracted at the car being late and ruining the night. Also the show the next night was booked out, so we couldn't try again tomorrow. 


Moving up north to a small town, once again we don't have a shopping center, instead there's the main strip, a few shops, and mainly restaurants/cafes. Not as alive/busy as main st in camberwell. How small/quiet is it? There's no supermarkets only an iga like my last town (hawthorn).

Errol st aka main street of another small town, was quiet on a sat afternoon. No notable brunch places though they do tend to wind down after lunch anyway I'm told. KL Bunga Raya was a place we discovered a couple months ago during the Fringe Festival, and finally got around to revisiting with the camera. Delicious as always! Cheap too. 


On the first Sunday of each month (except Jan) the Country Women's Association of Victoria (CWA) run traditional High Tea in the historic dining room at the CWA of Victoria Headquarters in Toorak, just a tram ride away from South Yarra Station. How'd it go? Stay tuned to find out!

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