Taste of Melbourne 2016 - Rooftop Dinner @ Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Charlie dined as a guest.

Thursday 3rd November

Atop a city rooftop hosted by Deliveroo was a dinner party under the fairy lights, with giant gold speckled balloons, jewel toned deco and a beautifuly laid table with white roses and the cutest mini pineapples! 

We were treated a preview of some of the dishes to be at the Taste of Melbourne later next week from Mamasita and Fancy Hank's BBQ. With iced tea from Stolen Recipe and lovely music.

Mamasita - Chargrilled corn cob, chipotle mayo, queso & lime $7

We discovered Mamasita all those years ago, tastes can be fleeting though their elote callejero (chargrilled corn) is not one of them. It's a classic we get year after year!

Taco de Puerco - Yucatan-style pork, chicharron, pineapple & pickled onion (the ones on the platter ^). I don't eat pork so had the vegetarian version which was... Blackeyed Bean with silverbeet, carrot guac, celeriac & cotija cheese.

Refreshing iced tea served iced! It's sweet though tastes quite natural.

Next up from Fancy Hank's was... Shrimp and Grits
- Pickled prawn, sweetcorn, pork crackling 

Corn and prawns is a winner with me! Though like duck and pretty much anything that isn't chicken I have never cooked prawns before. A prawn & corn creamy pasta salad sounds delicious!

Smoked Pastrami - Wood smoked house made pastrami, potato salad and pickles

The waiter wasn't sure if it was just beef or mixed with pork so I had the vegetarian coleslaw instead. Fresh and vibrant, jam packed full of flavours and colours this is what real food is!

Dessert from Bistro Morgan, donuts! With white icing, those litle silver balls and that stunning translucent glitter! These are like those deep fried (but then aren't all donuts deep fried?) jam donuts but with variations on fillings.

A beautiful evening under the stars, and event inspiration! 

Did you see those fabulous confetti lined yoga ball sized balloons? If not scroll up to the first picture, then back down to the end again. Most of the balloons didn't make it home, and popped in the stairwell or in the car, the result? A great photo prop! There might be a fabric out there like this, though not one that we've seen.

A lovely rooftop dinner under the fairy lights and stars, with samples from the upcoming Taste of Melbourne, a event that marks the end of exams! We can't wait! Will you be going to the taste event?

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