Nova's Wicked the Musical 2016 - Costumes @ Saturday, November 12, 2016

Friday 4th November

Tonight we saw Nova's Wicked, arriving late due to the car being late we got there in time to meet the goat, and did not enjoy the show as we were too distracted with the car being late and ruining the night. Also the show the next night was booked out, so we couldn't try again tomorrow.

*pictures from the production aren't up yet* 

Featuring outlandish costumes and a Fiyero that was half giant, that or everyone else was short... but I'm sure it was the prior. There were awful uniforms and the party looked like derby day gone wrong. Though at the Emerald City there were lovely glittering green headpieces, some were those glittery plastic hats at the supermarket pimped up, others were plates and household items.  

After intermission and Elphaba had left there was another party, Glinda & Fiyero's engagement party where she wore a Cinderella dress while the guests wore costumes with inspiration ranging from Regency - Edwardian.

For the finial acts after Glinda is given a title she wears her showstopping bubble dress, which was given an 80s makeover with puffy sleeves. Her wand is made from cardboard... and the dress design changes half way. Out of materials or change of mind? Though we love the glitter /sparkle!!

Glinda's pink dress looks like the materials were selected by a little girl. Looks cheap.

When Glinda and Elphaba meet again they have a fight which reveals Glinda's inner hill billy, an entertaining moment though I'm not sure if it actually fits in with the character...

I knew I'd seen Glinda somewhere before! She was one of the main girls in G&S's The Gondoliers. Her blonde wigs were fantastic, they looked so real unlike Nessa's shiny wigs.

Wig Fail - There's tutorials on how to make them more real online.  

It's all about costumes for Glinda while Elphaba sticks to classic black, though for her final dress there should have had more glitter, as we've seen for other shows. 

The Mob/peasants were amusingly dressed in retro op shop vamped costumes. 

On the technical side with there was a mechanical whizzing of steampunk clock-ish bubble, and silence while we waiting for that to go away. And the projection of the house was a bit above school theatre (totally student ran) and looks like clipart. Also the stage was small, much smaller than other places, probably the same size as a school's stage.

The Verdict: See it once, see it well. Don't see it again unless you're certain it was better than the first. In comparison to CLOC's production Nova sat in a dimmer light. 

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