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Saturday 5th November

Moving up north to a small town, once again we don't have a shopping center, instead there's the main strip, a few shops, and mainly restaurants/cafes. Not as alive/busy as main st in camberwell. How small/quiet is it? There's no supermarkets only an iga like my last town (hawthorn).

Errol st aka maim street of another small town, was quiet on a sat afternoon. No notable brunch places though they do tend to wind down after lunch anyway I'm told. 

KL Bunga Raya was a place we discovered a couple months ago during the Fringe Festival, and finally got around to revisiting with the camera.

Chicken Laksa $10

Last time we had the seafood laksa and it was delicious and cheap! And so had to order the same thing again. As I'm writing this now, it's a cold night (after a shot of summer yesterday, a preview) and I'm craving laksa. 

On this occasion I had the 'Chicken Laksa' $10 which had vermicelli and udon/pasta noodles (almost Hoikken noodles says lab partner) with bean sprouts, eggplant, tofu and and a generous serve of chicken. Topped off with crispy fried onion and spring onion.

The chicken was all white meat with no chewy bits (perfect). Tofu absorbed the broth like a sponge and so did the eggplant! That eggplant was amazing! The best way to serve eggplant.

The broth itself had strong hints of coconut and was served temperature hot and also spicy hot! Note that I'm white. I don't do heat. I'm sweating and my nose is slightly running, not sure if it was hotter than I perceived or I have a fever (and had have on and off for months).

The table next to us said it wasn't as hot as back home (Malaysia) but a lot of things here aren't authentic as back where it came from because its been adjusted to suit the local diners. 

Weekday $9 Lunch Deals - Include a drink though coconut juice is an extra $2. Note how it said juice not water. I'm excited about finding out which one it is on our next visit! 

Unfortunately being a Saturday (our last visit) meant we didn't get the lunch deal. It's a $1 cheaper but more like +$4 value with a drink, though of course it depends which drink you go for. There's your standard sodas, Malaysian sodas and then that teh tarik tea!

Located on Errol St (main street of this town) it's a great location on the no.57 tram route close to event venues and Flemington (for it's race season).

Stopping by on a Saturday for late lunch it was quite quiet with only a couple others, but this place at night with events nearby is packed! With events come tourism and all the associated spendings, like dinning out. 

Tues 8th Nov 

On our second visit for lunch I had the nasi lemak special with curry chicken ($11 but $9 with a drink for lunch). Coconut rice served with crunchy fried anchovies, peanuts, picked cucumber and an boiled egg. There's a very mild sambal and you get the option of curry chicken or beef rendang. 

Pineapple, canned also featured which was funny as I know people who hate fruit with meat/savory food XD I'm not one of them though. 

The coconut rice was creamy though not as amazing as at the thai place we went to. The sambal wasn't hot at all, and there was just the right amount of protein to carb serving. It was good though fairly average. 

Beef Laksa $10 

We came back on Tuesday (yes after that Saturday) where lab partner had the beef laksa. Generous serving size, the beef was tender (except one piece) and perfect. The broth was well seasoned and mild (on the tamer side for those into spicy stuff - said he). He's always hungry, but this was one meal that satisfied him, to the point where he couldn't finish the broth! 

Compulsory Flatlay!

On our third visit lab partner still loving that laksa ordered it again, same day but for dinner. 

I had the 'Fried Kway Teow' $10.50, a flat rice noodle dish with egg, fishcake, prawns (chinese sausage), beansprouts and a bit of spice. The spice was quite subtle and the dish was good though oily and so I may have had oil poisoning afterwards, nothing that can't cured with a fruit salad and salad for the next couple of days. It's the main reason why we avoid chinese food.

Mistakes were made, on the takeaway menu it says with laksa you can get extra crispy pork free, lab partner asked about that was. In the miscommunication he was sold the crispy pork belly at $16, which upset him deeply. Being a banker, he was devastated and deeply affected. He normally spend $20-25 on food a week, and never eats out (unless I suggest it). He wanted to kill himself, and we were on our way to dropping him off at the hospital, that's how badly it effected him.

This is why I'm in charge, though I always let my +1 order for themselves. The manager did apologize though the dish had already being made. Unfortunately due to this incident leaving a bad impression I don't believe we'll be dining here again, though still recommend going to lunch. But always clarify what you ordered, and question the bill if it doesn't look right.

I believe what should have been down was the pork should have been taken off the bill (and table). Losing a regular customer is worth more than $16, as I would have bought jas and the house here, but now won't.

We recommend going for the $9 lunch deal which includes a drink. Book that one table by the window (our favourite spot). While it is set out as a table for four it's a bit small and equal to kopan's table by the window for two. Don't sit at the table for two by the stairs!! The floor is creaky there and you'll feel like each time someone goes up/down the stairs!

In the background random popular music played, the genre was varied but no classical music. One day it was popular hits that Glee would/did cover back in the day

Kitchen closes 30mins before restaurant as usual, unless busy.

Service is average, they do speak English. Remember to clarify what you're ordering to avoid the "free" crispy pork incident, and people killing themselves after dining with you (though I'm pretty sure others don't react as extreme in the same scenario...).

Card min is $20, or there's a 50c fee. 

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