First Sunday - The CWA's High Tea @ Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sunday 6th November

What's with the stupid blue tint? Something I didn't notice because I was severely sleep deprived for a month (noisy neighbours). On the first Sunday of each month (except Jan) the Country Women's Association of Victoria (CWA) run traditional High Tea in the historic dining room at the CWA of Victoria Headquarters in Toorak, just a tram ride away from South Yarra Station. 

We felt like it was more like afternoon tea, different from high tea and the food porn trend. A more casual at home style. Real homemade food like grandma makes, no macarons (which rose to fame thanks to Zumbo) sugar cookies decked out in the theme colours and no champagne (like at the hotels).

Taken the above in mind we arrived not at a cafe or hotel but the CWA HQ in Toorak. On the way I got lost and tried to book a car but accidentally booked a limo (I was in a rush). Let's not talk about how that affects the budget.

On arrival and seating* we were offered tea, an assortment of tea bags and instant coffee bags. I had Twining's Chamomile & Spiced Apple (Flavoured) tea with a teaspoon of sugar. Warm and comforting, it like apple cider as tea, reminds me of the fall, Halloween and home. 

Table for one. To events that require at least two I prefer my own table though if there aren't enough tables we'll be ok. Unfortunately my company this afternoon is an OCD open mouth chewer, who didn't say she was vegetarian in the booking (therefore catering for her didn't go well, her fault). She explained (while chewing with her mouth open) that she is not vegetarian but only eats vegetarian food when dining out because it's risky to eat meat, more chances of food poising. And she'd never eat things like asian and african food! 

She also wiped her silverware and plates before dining (even here). Not particularly friendly she's definitely suffering from some form of mentally illness. She got very upset when the waitress placed a plate not where like she wanted on the table and she spoke to her in a rude tone much like the waitress was a child caught of some wrong doing. 

The catering (pictured) was for one who doesn't eat pork (me) and one normal person, who eats pork (not my dinning companion). Seriously, if you know you will only eat vegetarian then tick that vegetarian box on the booking form!!

Fortunately I arrived before her and got all the pictures, hence we have no pictures of that lump of unpleasantness. There's no doubt she'd loose her mind over me taking photos. 

Whenever I say "we" I mean "I" by the way. 

Starting at the top tier w had quiche, smoked salmon & cream cheese with dill wrap, and a sausage roll. I only ate the wrap as the others contained pork. 

Next plate down featured triangle cut sandwiches, with three fillings: egg & lettuce, chicken & celery and ham/cheese w chutney and butter. 

And lastly we have dessert!  

The CWA's award winning scones! Perfect in every way, they're a must eat at their pop-up cafeteria at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Scones with strawberry jam and cream perfectly pipped. No butter. This was the first time when I've had it presented ready to eat rather than putting on the jam/cream on myself. It was not served warm - or was it? (Forgot to check, busy taking pictures.) Would the jam layer create a heat barrier to prevent the cream from melting?

Petite Fours - A strawberry custard tart with a custard that didn't set (was a bit runny). An Eclair with a rummy custard filling, slightly runny again we got it all over my dress. 

The lime pineapple lamingtons were dipped into the green flavouring liquid, the sides and top, though it wasn't left to marinate. With unsweetened cream, pineappley but subtle - we was told what it was, wouldn't have picked it up on my own.

One of the ladies said the double choc dipped espresso cookie was her favourite, a soft very coffey cookie! So intense that you only need one. It's like nothing I've ever had, though brings to mind that Italian coffee/cannoli shop in Footscary. I will track them down and make them as a part of our xmas baking adventures!

Priced at $45 it's the norm for tea these days. We try not to compare because it is not a restaurant or cafe but a club.

Service was great! Though I would have liked to seen a menu describing what each item was, and napkins, cloth ones. There wasn't napkins which are essential for the accident prone people like me. 

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When was the last time you had afternoon tea? Where's your favorite place for high tea?

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