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Monday 7th November

Our week started with lunch, at a food truck park in the city! How exciting! Why is this exciting? Because food trucks with the exception of Mr Burger (who hangs out at Fed Sq, because they have a restaurant in the city) have never been allowed in the city, until now.

Located at 80 Collins St (crn Exhibition St) beside the '101 Collins St' tram stop, is Food Truck Park's latest pop-up, for the next six weeks or so.


Lab partner came over to play today, though neither of us gave a damn about checking to see if we had the ingredients. I was lazy, and he doesn't have the energy to care about much other than problems with the world and battling his own demons. Things were not labeled when sent into storage and so we don't know what is where... like the custard powder. 

We went out for lunch, laksa and nasi lemak, got some work done then went out for dinner, laksa again and char kweoy tweoy. We died of oiliness. 

I did it. I finally filled a noise compliant against the neighbour. Did I assertively confront them first? No, because while I know which balcony it's coming from I can't identify which unit it is from the front. The noise is children screaming, fighting and crying throughout each day from when they get up till around 6pm. Constant noises that I can't deal with. 

As a writer (yes the struggling tortured kinda) I work from home. The noise is so loud you can hear it from the back of the house (adjacent balconies) to the front where the cars are parked!! It's a f**king childcare center over there!! Why are there so many kids? Isn't there a law that you must master one before popping out more? Why don't they go to school? At all. They are always there!! Being noisy and annoying. How can we silence them? Build a wall to make it quiet again?!

Why didn't we confront them? Because we highly doubt they will stop. Ideally we want them to go to school and not be there during the day when we are. Also we need to be given a week to trial a place before moving in. I can handle a construction site next door (last house) but I can't handle a childcare center!!


I have no ideal what we did on Wednesday other then check the mail and go dancing... it's Thursday as I write this. Oh wait, we finally go around to going to see the dr, who wants to go through all the blood tests including HIV... HIV?! I must have used a dirty spoon or something!! We have no idea what I actually have atm though. 


Meetings, angry sick (this is when I get really really upset and it makes me exhausted), dinner on the go, picked on by random stranger (assertiveness failed) and a concert, one to tick off the bucket list!

The neighbours are driving me crazy and I've been requested not to confront them. Avoidance is weakness. So is caving in and going all mom on the dishes, washing them when we I agreed suggested that we'd sit around and watch till the person responsible deals with it. Last time it stank and was 1.5 weeks before mother gave in, that girl said she was going to do it tomorrow, but I don't believe her. Someone put dirty knives in the draw, I'm pretty sure that was her too. Cause she got all offence when I suggest we smoke out the culprit. XD

F**k this I'm leaving (the neighbours). The moving van has been booked for Thursday, a week from today. I hate children (those children in particular). Yes it is avoidance and a form of weakness but it's either that or I'll go over there and end them. 

We went to the Noodle Night Markets, things didn't go as planned. As not everyone knows all the same things. A said this, B said that. Who was right? We're not sure, but the photos confirms A was right, but then logic says B is right...

But we still made it, to an event tonight that is! To see the 'Royal Scots Dragoon Guards'! Ticking that off the bucket list. Bagpipes, men in skirts and drums. It went by so quickly! A man hollered for another hour. XD I was the second youngest person there. 

Pre-show we had time for dinner though not enough time to go back to the noodle markets so settled on sushi. I say settled because by the time that we were ready for dinner my go-to place was closed. So we went to sushi hub, where sushi is closer to $3 than $2, like most places (except mine). All was very good except the salmon, avocado and cream cheese roll. The salmon was chewy. I have never had chewy salmon before! 

Waffles on Swanston for dessert was a place on the list long overdue, though closed. Much like the shops that said they close at 9pm. Nope, closed by 7pm.

At the Burger Project last time we had the 'Bounty Hunter' this time we returned for the 'Strawberry Pavlova' ($6) vanilla bean soft serve tasting ice cream with real strawberry sauce and meringue. Size? Serves two, I won't be getting these again on my own. It was quite good though I prefer the bounty. Also the topping/meringue was only on top, I would have thought it would have been incorporated throughout? Nope. 


It's not often that I loose things, but when I do they are very expensive things. Luckily I forgot my glasses at the cloak room last night and it was handed in by staff. Not many people know this, but I everything more than 1m is a blur without my glasses. 

This morning we headed out to Encore, a popular event space with lovely and very bright views of St Kilda Beach for the Bloggers Brunch, presented by Kid's Business Communication.

After the event we went for a stroll along the beach. Sadly with all the bags/suit we couldn't waddle down to the water, and there was a sandbar! Towards the west side the smell was very strong, mussels but more intense. 

We managed to fit everything into three bags! *Regrets not driving today*

Back to the city, or tram, it was quite a hike with the bags! I'd managed to fit them all into three, and I had everything except the shoes and sunscreen pack. Very long roads with crossings a rare site. 

City. Dropped off the bags. Sushi. We were on our way to Albert Park (after passing them earlier on the way back to the city) when we realized that were we meant to go to the Night Noodle Markets!

Launch Night No.2 at the Night Noodle Markets.


The third event of the week! I can do/see/eat it all! Bagpipes concert, night noodles and now taste before a couple days rest then off to launch an event.

Three trams. The first two were packed, and we didn't get ushered on as we weren't hovering around the doors. One woman attempted to get past me, to get in front under the pretense of seeing if the tram is coming XD Not a chance.

The annual Taste of Melbourne, with the fork moved inside (did someone try to steal it, when it was outside?) and logo moved to the back paddock area. The butterfly house replaced with a 3D glasses lemony egg. Those vital something glasses are the latest thing, even Sexpo has them! 

We had the best apple juice! Made dessert, ruined a steak (did I mention that I don't cook? I bake) and ate a lot of things, including chocolate cigars!

Afterwards we went to see the penguins, at St Kilda Beach. Yes I was just here yesterday for an event, but I didn't get the chance to walk on the dock. By chance we discovered penguins! The lighting, absolutely nothing like this in the picture, it was dark.

Too dark to take pictures. Unlike in this picture of a tourist from china jabbing a selfie stick into a nest/cave where the penguin's living. This is exactly why people don't like tourists. There really should be given a book of rules when you travel somewhere. Rules include: keep you selfie stick to yourself, and take one or two but not handfuls.

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