The Food Truck Park Pop-Up on Collins! @ Sunday, November 20, 2016

Charlie & Co. dined as guests, but shall return!

Monday 7th November

Our week started with lunch at a food truck park in the city! How exciting! Why is this exciting? Because food trucks with the exception of Mr Burger (who hangs out at Fed Sq, because they have a restaurant in the city) have never been allowed in the city, until now.

Located at 80 Collins St (crn Exhibition St) beside the '101 Collins St' tram stop, is Food Truck Park's latest pop-up, for the next six weeks or so, open for b'fast & lunch Mon-Wed with the addition of dinner on Thu-Fri. Much like the offices they're open Monday to Friday, as they cater for the suit and Paris end city shoppers.

What early looks like, the grass is fake = doesn't get muddy when it rains!

At 12pm everyone is released for lunch, if you want a seat come earlier.

We've heard good things about 'Real Burgers' it's on the list, a list that lists who'll be popping up this week. There's a daily rotation which you can check out on there's coffee, lunch and desserts! Now that I think of it I've yet to see a fruit salad food truck.

Greek Street Food - For all your souvlakia needs, they also do salads. I love it when food trucks post their menus online! Though later on we'll be updating this post to share some menus. 

Traditional Polish street food is something I've never tasted before, or Polish cuisine! And so we had lunch from Bites on Wheels, presenting 'The Polish Zapiekanka'. An open baguette with sauteed mushrooms, cheese, toppings then grilled till crispy and drizzled with sauce. Sounds delicious!

Smoked Chicken $13 - An open baguette with sauteed mushrooms, 
smoked chicken, corn, cheese, chives/fried onion and a chili mayo. 

Scanning the menu we were instantly drawn to 'Smoked Chicken', something new that we've yet to taste. It was delirious with a smokey flavour that complemented the mushroom, complete with a mixture of textures and a little kick from the chili. I also can't resist cheese and corn. It's like all my favourite things on a baguette! The serving size is very filling too, much longer than your average bread roll. 

The pop-up on Collins St is great place for lunch in the city under the sun/fairy lights that has a festival vibe to it with the fake grass and packing palette inspired seating. All without having to leave the city, add it to your lunch break adventures if you're based in the city. 

Lukumades does Greek honey balls (loukoumades) and after having them at Spitiko and St Gerry's we were excited to share them with jas . He might work in the east end, but didn't have time to join us today, so much like the food trucks coming to the city we bought them to him.

Greek donuts with fun toppings! All priced at $10 you can get anything from the classic to dark chocolate pistachio or Milky Way, Twix or Oreo! Will Cherry Ripe be popping up soon too?

Twix Fix $10 - Lukumades with milk chocolate, salted caramel, 
sprinkled w crushed Twix, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Served warm it was delicious! Fluffy deep fried doughty balls, though I expected them to be like St Gerry's - super light airy balls. Though we love all donuts. Nine balls for $10 was quite reasonable, especially if you share it. Serves 1-4. I personally ate three as dessert after lunch. Three donuty balls that is, not three servings. :P

During non-peak hours the food truck park is a lovely place for a coffee/cake and outdoor meeting. I would like to say we came back the next day, but we were booked out for the week and so bought some cake for breakfast afternoon tea the next day.

Grace Cafe in Fitzroy has a cafe in a caravan! Unlike the other food trucks the food isn't prepared on/in the site, though freshly baked. So many delicious single serve cakes and slices it was hard to choose! For Lucy we bought the carrot cake ($5), Grace's signature. With plenty of grated carrots, with cream cheese frosting topped off with a walnut, it was actually the first loaf cake we made at school. These are muffin sized and perfect to share between two-three. A dense carrot cake, perhaps more like a carroty muffin. It was quite good though still a bit moist in the middle. 

Food Truck Parks are a great place to go with plenty of variety, a picnicy outdoor vibe but without the need to pack lunch! No longer do we have to chase food trucks, or leave the city :P though we do hope to check out the Preston Park. With spring upon us we forecast more days munching on lunch at the park! 

Where? 80 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

When? Monday to Friday
Mon–Wed 8am – 2.30pm (Breakfast and Lunch)
Thu/Fri - 8am – 9pm (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Who'll be there? Find out here. The list is updated weekly.

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