Screaming Children x Working from Home @ Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hey Neighbour,

It's great that your kids have all that energy they use for constantly screaming, fighting and crying throughout the day. Where can I get some of that energy? Being sleep deprived I've been feeling like a zombie since I moved in opposite you. 

As a writer by day and bartender by night, during the day I sleep and work from home, which isn't possible with the constantly disruptive noise. We'd really appreciate it if you kept your children indoors and away from the back door, and keep the noise to a minimum. 

All those unhappy noises, we'd hate to think that your children are constantly unhappy, and perhaps child protective services need to be involved!

We'd love to all get along and not have the police involved. I'm sure you'd like to be served by a friendly bartender rather than an angry sleep deprived psycho - as would I.

- Sleepless

Only once before have I encountered a noisy neighbor. No.9 likes to have the phone on loud speaker and yell at it. He also likes to slide on the chair across the floor with his severely obese form on top, scrapping the floor *shudders*. Easy to confront. 
Did he change? No. But I can pin point the source. Unlike now. 
Update - He's bought speakers, and plans to blast that atrocious sound throughout the building, not just the corridor at 4am. Yep, 4am, as soon as he's up and he's loud. Lucky for me, he is no longer my problem. 

Flash forward to a month later. We live in a unit, there's 40+ of them around. I swear there's a childcare center behind us, from the amount of noise (quality & quantity). The screaming, fighting and crying children! It's during weekdays. They are never happy playing noises, that come from the other apartments. Just that one non-english speaking apartment, screaming, fighting and crying all day long! How do people work from home? I'd have to assume they have a house and yard and no noisy neighbors. From my window we also have access to secondary porn XD (not the same house) - not related, but funny.

Lab partner suggested a white noise/high frequency box, but I can hear it, and it's just that one apartment. Others have kids who makes noises too, but nothing to the extent that we reckon it's a childcare center, abusing the kids!

Moving Tip from Mrs Dance - Explore the area see what's around. But do it during the day and night. Be aware of daycare centers ran from home! 

Croissant guy says there should be a two week trial period to discover if your neighbors are a**holes. We totally agree!

We've called the police, they came but the kids weren't being noisy at the time, so they've asked us to keep a log of what the do, how long for and what time. Shall do, but first shall send them that note about!

How do you deal with noisy neighbours? No I haven't tried talking to them. Why? From experience when they know it's getting to you, they amplify it! But others have been in the same situation, spoken to them and gotten positive results, so we're willing to give it a try.

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