The Bloggers' Brunch @ Thursday, November 24, 2016

Friday 11th November

This morning we headed out to Encore, a popular event space with lovely and very bright views of St Kilda Beach for the Bloggers Brunch, presented by Kid's Business Communication.

An event for mommy and lifestyle bloggers, a chance to meet brands and network, and chat up instant collaboration or post-event ones. Speed networking, with speakers. Inspiring mumtrepreneurs shared their inspiring stories and all on the theme "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise".

Soon it was networking time! Said to be brunch, it was more like a light lunch, which we skipped to maximize networking opps. 

This is has one of the best organized events we've been to, as on arrival we were given a bookmark shaped list with all the social media accounts and hashtags. On the other side was a stamp hunt, each stand you visit gives you a stamp. A completed stamp sheet enter you into a draw to win a macaron tower!

Check out all those soft cushie bits! How comfortable does this shoe look?

Naturalizer is about both style and comfort, something that isn't very modern unfortunately. These days it's all "no pain no gain" and there's the idea that anyone can wear any show, but that's not true. I can't shop at Wittness and most mainstream stores, with my wide and flat feet. But with Naturalizer there's hope! We're excited about visiting the store soon.

Little Innoscents offers 100% natural, pure and Australian Certified Organic (ACO) baby skincare as well as the whole family and some household products, like dish washing and laundry liquid. They also have essential oils which I'm a fan of! Stay tuned for a review.

We love vibrant packing! It makes things so much easier to find in a black bottomless pit (my bag). It also makes it much easier to ask him to find something in the bathroom! As someone allergic to life certain chemicals it's wonderful to discover brands like Little Innoscents.

Bondi Chai won the fine food awards in Hobart (capital of the often left out Tasmania, an island/state of Australia down the bottom), a milk-soluble chai latte pre-mix it's a lovely warm hug of a drink, though can be iced for summer or used in a range of desserts.  

Bondi Chai Cheesecake - it was delicious! And you can find the recipe here. There's two variations of chai, vanilla honey and cinnamon spice, depending how strong you'd like your chai.

Check out all these colourful and fun lunch boxes/bags and accessories by Smash! Their latest range 'Nude Food Movers' is all about reducing trash, referring to one use sandwich bags/wrap, individually packed snacks and co. A greener less waste future, reflecting on our evolving values.

We've got our eye on that glitter lunch bag! The variety is huge! Much more than when we were kids, though I was home schooled and so never really had a lunch bag. How awesome is that typo-ish bottle? And that blue gel pack, that's an ice block.

Looking for something less fun more work friendly? They've got that covered too!

Earth Choice is part of Natures Organics (think Coles and Wesfarmers), an Australian family owned company creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. They offer vegan plant based products, with recyclable packing, that aren't tested on animals. Pretty cheap and easy to find we get ours from Chemist Warehouse. 

From Blossom & Bear comes this print on gratefulness and motherhood. I sent it to my mother who sent it back actually with a note saying there are more burdens than good times when it come to having kids. Ok... 

Being right in front of the beach we just had to go for a walk after wards though didn't get very far it was very bright out there! Though we managed to organize everything into three bags!

We could definitely use some sunscreen right now! How handy is this gift set?

*This picture wasn't taken by me, I'm not tall enough*

Thank you Kid's Business Communication for a great event, one of the best speed networking expo like events we've been to! And as an event planner we've been to many events. Looking forwards to testing out the products and sharing our thoughts!

Zoom in on that scrabble.

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