Melbourne Night Noodle Markets 2016 - Preview @ Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday 11th November

Following exams comes the Taste of Melbourne (in two posts) and the Night Noodle Markets! Both launching within the same 48hrs, though one goes for four days while the other three weeks. Meaning more time to visit!

  • A huge cash-less card only, 
  • outdoor festival food festival,
  • inspired by Asian hawker markets, 
  • but much much cleaner that 
  • goes for three weeks 
  • is what the Night Noodle Markets is. 

Foodtrucks come from local resturants/places like Mr Miyaki, Messinna and from Sydney, like YumCha & that Strawberry Watermelon Cake! 

They even have my favourite drink, coconut water! These were $6-7-ish. All that's missing is a cute little paper umbrella! The only reason I didn't actually get one was, that there wasn't an offer to bring it back and have it cut open, so you can eat the flesh.

Mercedes Benz had some seating, and a top level! With trying to fit in all the events we didn't get a chance to go up there, but there's always next year. 

Harvey Norman was there for a competition that uses skills that I lack. Throw the dumplings into the noodle box then vaccum the flour on the carpet. Fastest time each night wins a vaccum! The record that night we were there was about 30secs. I set the record for the longest time - 3minutes... My dumplings either completely missed, or bounced off...

You know you're early when the new vans are there. I believe that's the weather man, he also does weddings! He's a celebrant we met at an open day. I totally think we should hire him, but le beau insisted on using the family priest. 

The drink of the event was Pimms, the perfect refreshing drink that comes with warmer days. There was a pop-up bar near morman a month or so ago that sold Pimm Popsicles! Sadly here you couldn't get them.

Launch Night No.2 at the Night Nooddle Markets was hosted on two very tall white timber tables, and blocks of fake grass (great for that flatlay angle) within the Pimms Garden. 

We didn't eat everything we shot, instead we sampled many dishes to get an ideal of what we'd like to get. Baos, tacos and messina were amomg my picks.

West of Kin (Asian Fusion) - Lamb Ribs

Spanthai - Chicken Pad Thai

Lets Do Yum Cha

Eat The Chicken (Thai) - Pineapple Fried Rice 

Scented Jasmine rice wok tossed with shiitake mushrooms, 
fresh pineapple pieces, cashew nuts and sultanas served in a pineapple

Bao Stop's Peking Duck Fries - Crispy golden fries topped with shredded peking duck, smothered in Bao Stop’s peking sauce and finished with spring onion.

Poklol's Tacos: Bulgogio Beef, Chilli Chicken & Chilli Pork 

Mr. Miyagi's Fusion Tacos 

Mr. M’s Salmon: Grilled salmon, sushi rice, kim chi, 
Japanese mayo and chili oil in a nori taco shell.

Panko Prawn: Crispy crumbed Prawn, sushi rice, teriyaki sauce, 
wasabi mayo, crushed wasabi peas in a nori taco shell

Wonderbao - Roast Pork Belly, Fried Chicken Gua Bao & Panko Crumbed Eggplant

Waffle on a Stick - Lychee Delight 

Fresh baked waffle stick w/vanilla ice cream,lychee and caramel

Spanthai - Mango Sticky Rice

A mention to sticky rice mango dessert, a dish I love though have never had fresh before. 

Gelato Messina's - Matcha Do About Nothing, Only On Sundaes & Turron Not, 
Loving those fun names! Shakesphere, not sure, and Puccini's Opera!  

Brulee Cart - Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Cointreau, Salted Caramel & Ginger Creme Brulee 

West of Kin (Asian Fusion) - Pannacotta 

Black Star Pastry x N2 Gelato's Strawberry Watermelon Cake 

Everything looks delicious, we can't wait to return!

What are your picks?

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