Lunching @ Grigons & Orr Corner Store @ Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Wednesday 19th October

It's moving day! To get out of the movers' way and stop me from micro-managing we went out for lunch while the ten guys moved the stuff in and up many sets of stairs. 

Around a few corners is 'Grigons and Orr Corner Store' a retro style milk bar* and cafe, literally on the corner on the way to Town Hall from the Meat Market. 

*Ok so I have no idea what a milk bar is but someone on the team said it's the Australian version of our corner store. Maybe because a milk bar isn't always on the corner?

Like our corner stores/typical milkbars (that I've seen on strips in small towns with no supermarkets only overpriced small stocked IGAs) there's all those things you need when you forget that one thing for the cake you're baking like bi carb soda, or milk. There's also lot of candy! Individual serve packs (portion control) and things in jars you can buy by the gram. 

A brunch spot with a jaffle and milkshake menu. But first let's take a moment to check out those shelves, groceries and candy! Discussions on fads and ovaltin, like vegemite you gotta start young, or you won't like it they say.

Wizz Fizz are a classic Australian candy from childhood, known for sherbet but they also do other candy like Fads (musk sticks) an acquired taste/childhood treat says Jas, because to me it smells like grandma and her rose hand cream. The candy of my childhood would be Wonka's Nerds and popping candy, 10c a packet.

G&O also stock Thai Pocky! But their stock is almost exclusively Australian.

Look at all that candy... by the way these shelves go from bench backboard to the ceiling!

We're here for lunch of course took a peek at the baked goods in the glass case. It looks quite basic, and a huge contrast from the trendy brunch places with their colorful frosted cake porn. On this occasion there was gingerbread, scones, banana bread and muffins. 

So many juice and sodas... there's nothing American though. 

Is this wall feature made out of drawers? 

Chilling with a coffee and friend? Why not play scrabble over milkshakes?

The Bathroom, couldn't resist snapping this, as not many places have bath tubs these days. I'd imagine back in the late 1800s and early 1900s this was a corner store with the shop downstairs and family living upstairs.

The Main Dinning Room

To the left is a second room with a window seat! Nope, we're in a group and wouldn't fit so couldn't sit there. But I shall be back to sit there and play Scabble!

Where’s the Cheese? Swiss, tasty, parmesan & fetta (cheese) 

& chives (AKA the Peter Russell Clarke AKA the PRC) $10.50 

Swiss Spaghetti - Heinz™ spaghetti, swiss cheese, chives $10.50 

Magic Mushroom - mushroom medley, feta, baby spinach $13.50

Rosti n Mushrooms - 2 potato rosti, 4 mushroom medley, 

spinach, confit cherry tomatoes balsamic glaze $17.50

The team had jaffles while I had what was pretty much mushrooms and hashbrowns, without tomato sauce. Sautéed mushrooms with  balsamic vinegar and very soft cherry tomatoes. Potato rosti, aka hash browns were fried with perfection! Though wasn't really tied in with the dish, there was a connection missing, what I saw was two different things. Mushroom and hashbrowns. 

So vibrant with retro candy, we couldn't resist but take some home!

Brunch hours, in summer there's lines, and there's milkshakes (for all seasons). 

Service was very friendly from the ex-bartender. Though they don't do spiced pumpkin lattes... this place is very Australian, authentic some would say.

We bought a $1 candy bag on the way out with traditional/old school candies he says. Gummy candies and a chocolate freckle. My favorite of the set? Red or purple snacks by Allens. :P

Do you have a local corner store/cafe? What's your favourite retro candy?

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