Two Weeks In @ Thursday, November 03, 2016

Monday 24th October

After dance we went back to the office. As we had work due and were too busy hating the neighbors to sleep. I hate children. Not the kids I tutored, they're fine, I hate these kids! Constantly screaming, fighting and crying throughout the whole day!!

You know there's something wrong with you when you're standing outside safeway at 5.55 waiting for it to open. 
  • 6am. Garbage trucks and tradies about.
  • 6.30am at the market, fish smells!!! Not sure if they're open but a couple people are going in.
  • 6.45am Where is everyone going? To work. Most of the tram got off at the hospital all wearing dark blue scrubs. Where am I going? To look for pavlova. Yeah at 7am.

End Mon.


We're a couple stops up north from melb central so city lunches are happening! But first a revisit to Wagaya, for the cheapest lunch in the city that isn't vegetarian or a watered down curry.

They do takeaway and so we had lunch outside the ngv. One of my favourite lunch spots away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also near a water feature.

Did you know 'katsu' is the breast and 'karrage' is the thigh?

Miso was served hot with seaweed,  grated carrot and bean sprouts, no tofu cubes. It was good not too salty. Bio guy had the karrage, deep fried chicken with the bento set. We always get the bentos though shall try other things too.

I had the teriyaki which was average, not enough flavour it was a bit on the dry side. Since the chef at Purple Peanuts left we haven't managed to find a teriyaki chicken as good.

The bentos were served with tofu, a dressed salad, rice and yellow pickled radish. The salad had been adjusted to be a garden salad rather than a seaweed /Japanese one.
It was cheap though fairly average, hoping their other $10 lunch deals are better.

Back to the office then a series of shops where we didn't find what we're after (failed to locate stock and put on hold). Up north to explore and go onion hunting (like with easter eggs but with onions). Then crashing on the balcony where we got locked out. Sirens went off with that evacuation alarm. But it was just in that one neighbors apartment, everyone else didn't hear to the sirens. We reside in a motely place but next door is like those apartment blocks in NY or hotel rooms, that's how close the door are.


I have obtained over the door hooks! 12" and 16". Daiso seems to have everything we need - almost. This is the last thing I need to complete unpacking the room.

But first a meeting in a far off distant land, 2hrs away from North Melbourne. It's so green out there.. Fairhills, sounds familiar. Books, the ones I read aren't the best to travel with, and so we always like to have some comic books in the bag. 

Back to the city, Daiso had flip flops (for pedis) and those over the door hooks. Lincraft has 30% off! Not enough flowers, feathers or glitter in stock though... my pumpkin patch headpiece won't be completed in time. Halloween really should run as long as xmas, which started almost a month ago.

From Friday till Monday it was a four day celebration of Halloween! 
Stay tuned, that episode is coming up next! 

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