Hello Again, Purple Peanuts @ Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday 29th November

Purple Peanuts has always been a favourite haunt of ours, since high school, for quick takeaway dinners on the way to Friday night class and leisurely lunches by the window. While we have tried turkish bread rolls, and the noodle soup dishes it's the teriyaki chicken that keeps us coming back. But then the chef left to go to Germany and join a band, and it hasn't been the same since! 

Why'd we stop going? Partly before the chef left, bu also the dazzle and sparkle of the new, chasing festivals, popups and the likes. Though like Americans we all go home in the end, rather than sticking to the trends. The last time we were here it was during the pirate days, when we interned as a pirate aboard a ship.

Brown Rice & Tuna Onigiri Rice Ball with Chili Sauce $5.50

There were sample, one tasted and we were hooked! The texture of the brown rice and chili sauce combo was vibrant without being hot. Inside was more rice mixed with flakes of tuna, you'll need more sauce when you get there. While I quite liked the rice ball I'm not really a tuna fan, and so wouldn't get it again. There's some strange aversion that I have again "bunker food".

Prawn Salad* $12 or $14 with Miso

*Also comes in chicken. Organic buckwheat noodles, tofu, shredded nori, avocado, cucumber, Spanish onion & mixed salad topped with a creamy chili sesame dressing.

A cold prawn salad, light and refreshing with a dressing that adds a complimentary flavour to the dish, creating a union between the prawns, salad and noodles. Delicious!! There needs to be more dressing though. The chili not too hot though I still need a drink. There's water to the right of the till, with the cutlery.

All the second prices are for with miso. Not entree/main sizes by the way.

Since our last visit the vegan trend is in full throttle, with sugar free desserts ,one with cauliflower. As fun as a bliss ball (where's the rum?). But just as vibrant as any dessert. I like real food, not raw vegan desserts. The fridge has more than doubled with drinks and new age desserts since our last visit a few years ago.

Samples are always a great idea!

For dessert the panna cottas are their best sellers, matcha and mango.

Mango Panna Cotta  $5

Rosy peachy (familiar but rare, sakura?) cubes of jelly. With cream it's like a weis bar!! The mango & cream one. Smooth in texture, not too firm like jelly, but just right. It's perfect! 

The huge red and white octopus is gone, replaced with a smaller tangerine and peach one. It got way too dirty said the manager. The last time we were here it sat at the back left corner. 

A place where tables for one are welcome, though being rush hour you'll need to share. Everyone minds their own business though. Quick and friendly service from our rarely encountered fellow Americans.

Have you revisited an old friend recently? Have you been to Purple Peanuts?

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