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Tuesday 29th November

How real are these orchids? They're for a headpiece.

Drawn to a siren of a school band we skipped going out for lunch in favor of bohemian raspberry, time after time, love lifts us up where we belong. We were going to go for crepes, but didn't make it.

Lunch at Nandos. $4 chargrilled corn from the freezer mushy and bland no butter as requested. Chicken, with a light lime marinade fared better.

Skip to dinner. Revisiting an old favorite. Purple Peanuts. Simple but delicious!

A United Kingdom. That voice (the evil guy)... I've heard it before, it's very familiar. But my screen is too bright to look it up in the movie theatre.

It's Norrington! POTC We didn't recognize him in a suit as we do love him in that royal navy uniform (mad king George era). As we went to an advance preview there aren't any pictures released yet, except those from the trailer.

That "Smooth baritone voice with drawling English accent". And not an annoying one. I'm one of those rare people who isn't into the English or any foreign accent. Even the French accent I find hard to understand.


Shopping! 12hr marathons. I don't know how we got there, or what happened. I just know I got there around 9am and didn't leave till 10pm. We never made it to the office.


Dr. Dr Shakespeare who doesn't like me. Yep my dr doesn't like me. Like my friend Ian when they discovered certain things about me things were never the same.

City. Sushi. Hospital. City. Computer stop. City. Shop. Dinner party.

I rarely say yes to Christmas parties or any parties when it's not for the blog. It's scary out there. I don't know what to say... mr jas was very nice and told stories about travel adventures and food.

Dinner was a series of plates to share and all very good. The Christmas pudding was more like cake which I really liked! Full of spices and peel. With brandy butter (burn!!) And a light custard sauce.


In the last 24hrs we: ate, nap, travel, ate, nap, zombie mode, opera. I don't think I've recovered from last night!

Lunch out at a place where suburbs meets country.

Yes this plate is huge! School camp food.

In the evening we (I) went to opera at the Bowl, a huge outdoor theatre. Lines start at 2pm, doors open at 4pm and the actual event starts at 8pm. If you go early you get a seat. Everyone else brings a chair or picnic rug. We came a bit before 8pm, and sat far away from the crowd up on a hill. No view but still great sound. Minus the playing, occasionally screaming, rolling kids.

Dinner was sushi, always pack things served cold, and too many cookies. They were good cookies. Not included in the picture as there were lots of flies. Can we get a mosquito net kinda tent? Like a food cover thing but giant to contain us too.

Dessert from that cheese tart place we went to yesterday.

Picnic for one, but food for two. 

The opera was very good covering all the greatest hits except madame butterfly.

I'm amazed at families who bring a huge picnic, chairs, cushions and everything! I am one person. I can't compete with that. I can't haul everything alone. But I like being alone. In hind sight I should have invited Gin and George. It's always after when I consider inviting people.


The first day of summer 32 degrees, luckily it's lovely at the hospital. I can't imagine working at a consistent temperature, as I've worked outdoors quite a bit over the years.

Being near BH we shopped for snacks, yummy spring rolls $1 a piece from Rice Workshop. End of the Day sales are awesome. From Nene we had a black sesame soft serve, which was quite small. Much smaller than the usual. Damn should we have went to Rice Workshop.

Dinner with bio guy, at his place we made wraps with leftover fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, fruit chutney (just me), mustard and nandos hot sauce. I don't understand the concept of left over chicken, it's something that doesn't happen here. 

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