All-You-Can-Eat Tacos @ Maya $9 (South Yarra) @ Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tuesday 22nd November

Over the years Maya Tequila has been a regular on groupon offering cheap tacos, all-you-can-eats (not just limited to tacos) and now chicken (review coming up in a month or so). We've been here four times, it's a great deal though we stopped going due to service. The strategy to not get you to order too much is by having horrendously apologetically slow service. We've been to many restaurants over the years but by far Maya is the slowest.

But on this one occasion fate due library books bought us out to South Yarra, and we made the most of it by going out for a cheap dinner. You mightn't think in this area, there's nice cheap food but there is via groupon. ;)

A quick dinner before the crowd got there meant we didn't have to sit at the single bar, yay! I hate it when you're punished for dining out alone. 

Instead we sat outside, as there was no one else around for a 6pm, there were no smokers either! We rarely ever sit outdoors thanks to it being a smoking zone. 

The menu has changed since our first visit in 2014 though not since that visit where we sat at the bar, judging our bag and coat on our lap, while not trying to spill food everywhere with one hand. Over the years the menu has been given a face lift and is much cleaner. 

Carne Asada - Chipotle braised wagyu brisket, pico, guac and sunset mayo

Beef. W gn cap. Tomato. Yellow cap. Grated Carrot. Wh cabbage. Guac. Spicy yellow mayo based chipotle sauce. Coriander. With anything but dry brisket, though not fatty, it was delicious bursts of complimentary flavours.

All the tacos are served as sets of 2 for $10. Soft shell. Gluten free.

Polle Mole - Chicken cop, guac, corn salsa, mole sauce

The chicken with the slaw of shredded cabbage, carrot and white onion, also had corn and guac. It was quite average. Boring and bland chicken. Perhaps with a hot sauce it could be improved.

Pescado - Crispy fish, jalapeno mayo, guac, shaved apple
Crispy fish. White cabbage. Carrot. Granny smith apple. Guc. Pastel mint green sauce

With a floury taco (Maya's signature) it kills the taco, being overpowering, though in some combos it's worse than other. Like with the fish it's taking the spotlight away from the crispy fish w a slight jalapeno kick (gn sauce). We had high expectations as this was our favorite last time though the apple wasn't as zingy, as a Granny Smith is. While still fresh it failed to add that pop of sourness to add anything more to this taco than the fried fish and jap sauce.

Four sets of tacos may have been too much. Though at $9 this is a very good deal, as long as you have two sets of tacos or more. Our favourite? The beef, tender and succulent it was delicious. They may have a lack of consistency issue here.

We ordered the first set at 6.10 and it arrived at 6.15! 
Quick prompt service was nice to see.

Where do you go for cheap tacos? Do you buy groupons?

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