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Tuesday 22nd November

Taco Tuesday! Because I had to re-borrow a book in person, dictionary sized and weighted! But I love books. Came across this quote which reminded me of Matilda. 

Which do you have? We have both, parents don't like to read, but grandpa's always happy to buy me books. He's not a fan of Margaret Beaufort (religious nut who thinks god's will is whatever she wants). We have a reading room though these days everyone is downsizing and borrowing books instead of buying them... especially books you don't read twice. But idk, I like my pre-wiki encyclopedias and law books. 

TV TuesdayLately we've been watching Grey's Anatomy.

3.18 Callie suggests George likes Izzy. Wtf? He's always had a thing for Meredith, till they did it and she cried. Oddly they end up doing it, him and Izzy.

Where am I up to? The end of season 3. Burke leaves Christina. 


At Box Hill we discovered a mini Daiso, Seasons Greetings with home wares and make up. No food. Bought some sponges, such pretty colours!

Over to Camberwell, where they have solar powered Christmas trees!

Lunch at one of our favourite local joint. Kopan curry. Same bubogi beef yum! Our fav is still the udon though. Lunching with bio lab partner guy is our thing, as we're the only two who freelance, and don't work 9-5pm.

Back at the house using Pavlova Magic we made marshmallowy meringues. We didn't bake them at the right temperature so they browned and weren't as cooked as expected.

Pre-dance snack. It was delicious, though the lunch deals are always better value.

After class we made salad, next time with less feta or less salty feta.

We also made cookies and discover at 8 minutes they're burnt but at 6 minutes the biggest star only had brown tips.

Royal Icing -  We used 3 mini egg whites then later add a fourth. My royal icing is a tough dough. Feels like the hard outside of a marshmallow. That was with following the recipe from Miss Biscuit. Added 1 more egg white (no.4) Better. But still so not soft that it wraps around the beaters and pulls them out from the machine!

Add heaps of water 2mls at a time then 5ml lots. Uggh lost count! ! But the recipe was wayyy off. Drops of water?! How big are your droplets? Got there in the end. We added about 1/3 - 1/2 cup of water. Drops. XD


When I hear nightclub I say bring boots. Sticky disgusting floors, the lowest lighting possible paired with strobe lights. I'm in hell. And we've been to both limbo and hell. Clean carpeted floors and banquet tables for 8 (wedding much?) And plastic lawn chairs weren't what we were expecting.

We're the youngest people in the room at an ABBA tribute concert tonight, everyone around just like at dance has kids. Adult kids.The space is a big curve bar, with a lounge at the back if it gets too loud with our front row seats.

Food was average. Service was bad. They wrote down the wrong order... she ordered one thing. Also the sandwich had a dab of sauce. A dab.

Did you know that you don't have to go online to see d**k? We were exposed to indecent exposure after the concert in the car parking lot. A guy was with his girl, she vanished and he whipped it out! Naturally mother was there and horrified. Do guys normally go around whipping it out in public if it's dark-ish? Cause there were totally lights there and he was standing by the entrance steps. 

BABBA's Tribute Concert for ABBA! Starting with Mama Mia and ending with Dancing Queen. 


Someone forgot we were baking today and left me holding a bag of icing... with the office being closed for holidays we went to the city library. Somewhere we haven't been since he left me, before going to meetings then dinner. 

The final weekend of the Night Noodle Markets. 
Wonderbao, the hyped mr miyaki, messina and mango sticky rice. 

Stopped by a concert but didn't make it. And by that I mean yesterday they said the concert was at 7pm, nope. That's when the doors opened, today it said 9pm, and started at 9pm. Everyone came earlier and so it was sold out when we got there (couldn't pre-order tix). The struggle has been very real this past month or so.  

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