Bing Boy's Summer Menu @ Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

Lunch at Bing Boy, checking out the new summer menu. We're a fan of Bings, they're egg crepes and are served liked a wrap with fillings inside. My favourite is the peking duck! They also do bing bowls, but instead of a wrap its served with a salad and brown rice. The menu is quite extensive and features 18 bings and bowls, of which we've had all the first eight (minus the pork ones). With summer comes an additional three menu items! 

Freud the banker was my +1 today, as picky eater with the tastes of a toddler his regular haunts are HJ & occasionally KFC, as a treat. He hates sushi and doesn't like trying "ethic food" sticking to our American classics of burgers and pizza, though also likes souvlakis. We invited him along as he's never had a bing before. Meanwhile we've been to the Melbourne Central location many times, before it moved to the Emporium.

Cooked fresh in front of you, the pressure's on when everyone's watching!

The summer menu *click to enlarge* is what we'll be sharing with you today.

Pulled Pork Bing ($9.90)
Slow cooked pulled pork, pickled carrot, red and white cabbage. 
baby spinach, coriander and okonomi (Japanese savory pancake) sauce.

"The pulled pork bing was an enjoyable new experience for me (he's never had a savory crepe before - C). The contents of the wrap had a fairly good balance of flavours, however was occasionally overpowered by bits of coriander. 

If I were to change something I'd add a bit more pork as it would sometimes get lost among the vegetables. The wrap was also good and did well at keeping its contents contained. The cost was fair for what you got and I would consider having it again in the future." - Freud

He doesn't like much but he likes bings and pulled pork!

Prawn and Silken Tofu Bowl ($11.90) 

Sweet chili prawn and silken tofu salad bowl with brown rice, 
pickled carrot, cucumber, baby spinach, crispy wontons, 
spring onions, nori, basil and lime served with satay sauce.

Summer is all about low maintenance meals, i.e. salads! Fresh summer salads this one's packed with protein and a satay sauce with a spicy kick! Under the top layer is a layer of brown rice, and another layer of spinach. So after taking your photos carefully add the sauce and mix it up.

The prawn was actually bland and there wasn't actually crispy wontons, but other than that the description was accurate. Ask for more sauce, as we found you need two containers to cover everything. If you're looking for something fresh, healthy and filling this is it!

The New Summer Additions

Mojito MyTea ($4.90).
Cold brew sugar free oolong tea with fresh peach, mint, lime, sweeten with agave syrup.

With summer comes cold drinks, iced tea is one of our favourites! An oolong tea with a very light peachy lemon flavour, it only had a hint of sweetness like T2 samples rather than the bottled iced teas loaded with sugars. Served with a lovely glass bottle, though the cork isn't secure so this one's ideal for takeaway. Oh and I can tell you that this tea's not sticky.

Have you been to Boy Boy lately? What's your favourite bing/bowl?

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