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Friday 16th December

Another visit to Maya Mex, I think we've been here for every day except the burrito now!

Friday night we found ourselves seated at the very high table in the courtyard at Maya. As I bought Freud along I wasn't punished for dinning out alone like the other time, where I sat at the bar balancing my bag, coat and camera on my lap, trying not to drop anything or elbow the people beside me. 

The table was about a two hand-spans short from chin height for me, and I felt like a child at the adult's table. At least the lighting was better than in the main area. My favourite table is out front, great lighting and inhalation of fumes and cigarette smoke. The struggle is real, and you can see why sometimes I don't like to leave the house. 

Freud doesn't drink and won't try new things (palette of a toddler). He's an expert on soda, his favourite drink which he drinks like water. He's that person in your life who is skinny but deserves to be fat. He could eat two big macs and loose weight. 

He had a Mexican cola by Jarritos which tastes like those cola gummy candy bottles! I don't like coke but I like this one. Meanwhile I had a pisco sour. $15 - Pisco, Lime, Egg White, Bitters. It was kinda bitter and smelt like egg whites... damn should have picked a mocktail.

Seating at the Bar & Out Back. It's dark inside...

Every time we're here it's on a deal and tonight's no different, I swear groupon keeps this place up. Chicken Meal with Drinks for Two ($19). There are no carrots and beets, this picture is an idea but not what you actually get. You get... two drinks, a roast chicken to share with two potatoes, a salad and red rice.

The chicken had a smokey charcoal taste to it, with lemon and a hot sauce.

Served with a small potato each and hacienda salad which Freud the toddler refused to touch. It's the rawest thing I've ever consumed! With orange, cauliflower fresh corn, broccoli and orange mustard dressing. Fresh and raw with a crunch. 

Two small potatoes really don't count as a 'Jalapeño and onion potato salad'. It was potatoes and hot sauce. There was also no salsa as advertised. Hmm... I'm thinking that picture in the ad was just a standard stock image.

To think this meal is worth $87 is crazy! Even with two $15 drinks. It was good, though nothing amazing. At $10pp it's a pretty cheap eat that we're happy with, we don't drink, but if we did we'd be thrilled at the price.

Serve was adequate and not slow which was nice. A good deal at $10 per person, worth $20 if you add a drink. It was nice that you could pick any drink including $15 margaritas, as alcohol isn't cheap or ever on sale.  

Have you been to Maya Mex? Are there places that you only ever go to on a groupon?

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