As someone who smells everything the stench of boys who are forced to shower weekly (at the boarding house) is absolutely vile and disgusting. Their rooms smell like them and the odor (along with other gross things) waffles out when they open their doors. I'm the only girl in the hallway, and so room sprays are essential, but they're also made of chemicals and co. We considered an oil burner, but we aren't allowed fire in the house (to stop the smokers from smoking indoors), and so this plug in the wall (rather than battery) diffussor was perfect!  

Its been on the list for a while and with 50% off during the Boxing Day Sale at Myer we got it for $40! There's regular sales, so keep an eye out for them, and don't pay full price. In the box it comes with the wall plug, measuring cup (for the water) and if you're lucky a starter oil! Mine came with the 'Sleep Easy' one (lavender, mandarin, chamomile).

Yes Kmart does have a basic one, but I much prefer this one as it has more features than the cheaper ones. With this one you can set the time, and a light! Hence I like to use it when I'm at my desk, with a fresh citrus sent and then also as a scented night light.

It's very easy to use, you add water using the cup. How much depends how long you're going to use it for. 3hrs max before it needs a break. Add 6-9 drops of oil, you can use a pre-made blend or blend your own. But be sure to use a pure oil rather than one mixed in a carrier oil.

Turn it on and you're ready to go. Watch where you put it though, 
as the mist tends to go down and into the power board isn't idea!

During the day we don't use the light, but at night we do. And it's all timed. There's four colours to choose from to create a relaxing environment. Red was an interesting one, reflects hell for me XD But I suppose would work maybe at a party?

Blue's my pick. A day spa feel. Other features, it never gets hot which is awesome. When you're done tip out the water and dry it (towel), then leave to air dry before packing it away. It comes with a year warranty though I've used mine weekly/daily at some points and its been fine. A good investment and house/room warming gift, to make any place feel like home!

My favourite oil blends? I'm not great at blending, but I do love the combo of the Refresh & Energise Trio Kit (Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon) which I bought at the same time as the machine, that's been discontinued. The sleep easy, breathe easy are blends I've tried and liked. If you have friends who love essential oils you could always do a trade/lend!

Note - Be sure to get high quality oils, and no you don't have to stick to one brand. For the branded ones $10 on sale is a good price. Back home the Body Shop had $5 ones. For eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender Chemist Warehouse has cheap ones that are good. Don't ever buy the $2-3 ones from the asian shops though.

This is what the cheap ones look like.

Beware - Young Living and Co. who'll tell you these oils cure stuff and you can replace your medicine cabinet with them, and eat them. That's not what they're designed for.

Where to buy? Myer when on sale. Usually in June & December.

Do you use a diffusor to keep your rooms smelling great? What's your favourite blends?

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